Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Got in 5.5hrs of paddling yesterday

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    Did a 5K on Saturday in 20:30, which was great considering how early it is in the season! Since I knew I won my division (of 2), I hung around for the awards. They did overall women, then overall men, then they started in on age groups. Sigh. So I waited through all the age groups, but when they started raffling things off, I gave the event photographer a tap and asked her to go up and ask if they were going to do a wheelchair award. After some scrambling about, they managed to dig up my time and give out the award.

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    3.5hrs solid yesterday, non-stop = COOKED

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    Chess counts if you are the knight in full size game and have to keep jumping over all the other pieces

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    Went out and rode up to the top of the
    Forbidden Fruit Flow Trail yesterday. First ride of the year in the high
    One small area of snow but, very good otherwise. I am little rusty
    but, felt pretty fast coming down the flow trail.
    Good warm-up for our Moab
    trip on Thursday.
    1977 - C5 ambulating Quad

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    Jett - cool video, looks a little scary.

    Revis - liked your post about the electric assist. I can't safely balance an upright 2 wheeler, but can foresee possibly adding electric assist to my trike - something much more preferable than not using it at all. Our lives are all about accommodation, especially with SCI, but even without it; people with SCI just get a head start on accommodating as we get older.

    Participated in the Cap 2 Cap ride last Saturday, a big cycling event here in eastern Virginia. More than 2500 riders. Used to do the century ride each year back in the day, but was very happy to get in a metric half century, ~ 35 miles, this year. Felt good, weather was beautiful. I was less drained by the longer ride this year.

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    Jett - great video - you probably think, 'Hey, I'm already paralyzed...lightening won't strike twice'. Really perfect trike trail. Great job. Keep those videos coming'. Hey Dan F - are you back to work?
    I keep paddling Tahoe. I wish it were the Pacific Ocean but really it is a jewel of a place to spend time in.

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    Got back from 4 days paddling = I may have caught a cold, but it was awesome!

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    Love this video. Is this a bike trail or hiking trail that allows bikes?

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    Yesterday I spent a couple of hours riding a Force 3 - I'm trying to decide if it's time to trade up from my 15 year old Top End Excelerator Gold. The sun has finally come out here after weeks of rain so I got a little sunburned.

    Today I did the Colfax half marathon (pushrim division) in Denver - only my second half. My first was five years ago at sea level. Got a little more sunburned.

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