Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Hmmm... that's sounds fun and I'm just in Washington. But with the world beard and mustache championship in Portland the same month I better start saving my pennies.
    "Impossible is Nothing" - Adidas Slogan

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    Name:  IMG_4618.JPG
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Size:  207.8 KBFour more hours on very hard trails for mountain bikes, ones I used to ride for decades.

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    Three hours on the one-off yesterday but 30 minutes of that was picking and eating wild raspberries.

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    I'm amping up my marathon training (but I'm still not sure I really want to do a marathon).

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    Sunday I went for a 12 mile handcycle ride...tons of headwind and very little tailwind on the way back. I finished it in just a little under an hour. Yesterday I met my friend at 24hour fitness and we shot basketball for 3 hours, we are both in wheelchairs.

    I love sports! Wheelchair Basketball, Sled Hockey, Mono-Skiing, and Handcycling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jett View Post
    Been working a lot of overtime. No physical activity last week. Hopefully get back to my swimming/biking routine next week.

    Adrain - A lot of people bad mouth the lean steer but, I have always enjoyed riding my Freedom Ryder LC-1.

    Steve ? A set of rose trimmers would probably be a handy tool to start carrying.
    I like the picture of your rock garden. Challenging but, also a lot of work!

    My local Adaptive Sports program is hosting a mountain bike handcycle camp in August if anyone is interested.
    Teton Adaptive is also hosting a MB camp Labor Day weekend in Driggs, Idaho.
    I'm am so there in my heart! Wish I could come.

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    15 miles in an hour and twenty this morning and got soaked... feel great and not dreading my long drive tonight as much!
    "Impossible is Nothing" - Adidas Slogan

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    Name:  IMG_4620.JPG
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Size:  130.4 KBI wrapped up another bike - it's what I do.
    So much toil there.

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    Name:  IMG_4677.JPG
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Size:  176.1 KBAnd then for a 3hr bike ride, and back to metalwork today.

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