Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Flying - you sure can't be considered shy with that walking video in the bathing suit. My leg is about that skinny and atrophic too. It is all about having a strong upper body like a baboon.
    I used to so shy when I was younger, but as aged it hit me, this is a waist of time. You know that when you go swimming you don't think anything about showing your body, what's the difference.
    I wish that I had made a video a year ago, when the out side half of both thighs were nothing but skin and bones, really have come a long ways, even if it does not look like it.
    I think we have to be like a gymnast, lean with a strong upper body. The lean part is very important, after all how many over weight gymnasts do you know.
    Showing great spirit folks.
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    Arndog - glad you're shedding the PICC line and getting back to things. We are a bunch of basket cases; but, we're pretty determined basket cases. And it's in the pushing through that we rise above what would otherwise be a pretty miserable situation.

    Flying - your video was awesome. You are looking smooth. Filming it with all that skin helped show the mechanics of your gait better.

    Took my first trike ride in 2 weeks tonight. It felt tight, but I'm glad to be back out on the road.

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    An hour and a half of mud-wrestling today, on the one-off. Last weeks rain was heavier than I remembered.

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    I am ready to start biking again. I am not to keen on riding in the cold so I don't ride much in the winter. I was able to find some cool trails last summer and plan to hit them again this year. Play offs have started and I figure I have another week or so of coaching lacrosse and then I can start doing more me stuff in the evenings. I tend to lay off the rehab/workouts during the season. I end up spending 10-11 hours on me feet a day between work and practices. Actually looking forward to getting back on a more regular rehab routine again as well. I manage 2 nights of yoga style stretching and poses, and 1 night of a resistance/cardio style work out per week. Ready to get back on track after a long season.

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    Name:  IMG_4049.JPG
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Size:  116.8 KBBack from four days kayaking??had some good wind - unfortunately, burned my damn foot as well.

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    Did the Doernbecher children's hospital charity ride. It starts about 8 miles from my house. Well I was feeling lazy, and did not want to load the bike in and out of the truck. So I just rode the 8 miles there, then the 25 mile ride, and the 8 miles back. Beautiful day, nice sunshine and cool bikers. Sweet.

    Steve, nice picture. What did you burn you foot on, the sun? When I was working in Arizona, we used to call it the great orb of death.
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    Fifteen minutes short of 10 hours on the one-off yesterday. All good tracks, a mixture of forestry roads and riverside paths. There was an hour in the middle where I parked outside a farmhouse cafe and ate cake and drank tea. Even so, the last hill back to the car, which I have done in 15 minutes as part of a 1 hour ride, took me nearly fifty minutes and I hurt today. Tonight I feel like sleeping early but in 90 minutes I will be in the pub trying to answer questions as part of a quiz team. I hope the rest of the team are understanding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flying View Post

    Steve, nice picture. What did you burn you foot on.
    I spilled boiling water on it.
    It fucking sucks, but it'll heal (eventually)
    Part of the "cripple deal"

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    Ouch - (that is if you felt it) - maybe it will trigger bad neuropathic pain. Sorry man, hope it heals soon. Keep it clean. Do you know any good nurses? ;-)

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    Flying I wouldnt have a wheelchair if I could walk like that just sayin

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