Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Hey Arndog nice smile. What a cool place to paddle, is that the new bridge they built below the damn?

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    Flying - yes it is the new highway and bridge. It is only two years old.

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    wow - care cure has really taken a dive. I hope this thread hasn't lost momentum. I wonder if there is a way to improve it...

  4. #4264 - short video ( better in 1080p high def) of the clarity of lake tahoe on a cold 25 degree day - water temp is 38 degrees. Playing with new waterproof camera. 15 miles 4 hours - some headwinds. Stopped and brewed Irish Coffees ( mugs with whip cream ) with camp stove.

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    Cool video Arndog. Was that with a GoPro camera? That water is amazing.

    Having much colder and snowier winter than usual here in VA. Managed to walk for an hour yesterday and hope to get the trike out today if the roads dry off enough. My new trainer has really been pushing me to challenge my balance. Hope it pays off.

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    My attempts at posting on the new site have had hit and miss results.

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    Got in a great ride today. Sunny and 62 degrees. Had a friend join me on my second trike. Was a lot of fun going on a recumbent only jaunt. Rode for about 20 miles.

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    Nice short video Arndog. Loving the pictures of your recent kayak adventures. Man I would love 68 degrees as a high. I noticed that Dan F asked about your camera. I picked up one of the new waterproof, tough digital cameras...A Panasonic TS5. Excellent video. Good stills. Supposed to be tough in inclimate weather. Haven't used it under water yet.

    The snow has finally returned to N. ID. Has really improved the slopes.

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    Dan - it wasn't with a GoPro. I got a Canon Powershot D20 shockproof and waterproof. It takes iPhone video format (whatever that means) so I did throw in a few shots on the beach that I did with the iPhone. I think this will be a good camera and fun to use, I have a floaty on it and it is clipped to my PFD too. Now I want to go whale watching somewhere with it ! You are hard driving and will get so much more functional capability , I know it.

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    Did we just fasterbackwards back to June, 2013 or what?

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