Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Here is a selfie shot with Mt. Tallac in the background

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    Camping out - Mark crawled out of his boat with a J protector - slept under the stars on a tarp right next to the kayaks. Long night 13 hours of dark - good recovery watching Orion cross the southern sky.

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    Here is me in Emerald Bay - have it to ourselves and it is glass….

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    Last shot of emerald island from yesterday.

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    Awesume trip, you two rock. Great pictures, must be interesting setting up camp and getting in and out of your kayaks.

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    Arndog - looks like another awesome trip. You have definitely figured out the logistics to this type of thing.

    Jett - good work on the Master's meet

    Flying - the Oregon coast looks beautiful, especially with a trike in the foreground!

    Got in an hour long crutch walk this morning; the new carbon fiber AFO is definitely helping on longer jaunts. Then did some core and PT exercises. Was able to do some bona fide push ups for the first time. Up to today my plantar flexion tone had kept me from doing these - had been doing knee push ups only.

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    Dan, I have the same limitation with pushups. I do them now on an exercise ball. Go belly down on the ball, walk forwards with your hands as far as you are comfortable and then...pushups. this has the added benefit of being a plank type exercise, too.

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    Truly's suggestion is a good one, and I'm going to try it. I have been able to do (some) regulation style pushups by jamming my feet up against a wall or barrier, too.

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    Right, I am 6 months in to my doctor perscribed work out and sugar and fat reduction regime. I got my bloods done early this week and dammit I've bloody moved myself out of the prediabetes danger zone, my cholesterol has dropped and my doctor said I'm looking good. Next goal: Up my workout regime and continue on!.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Truly. Will try the exercise ball technique.

    Pretty active day today: crutch walk, PT/balance exercises, and trike ride.

    Ordered a new trike today. I'm going to try an ICE Sprint RSX. It has 3 20 inch wheels which should make climbing and accelerations a little easier and faster, although descents and flats may be a bit slower. The Sprint also folds which will make travel/transport a lot easier. The Catrike is great, but is cumbersome to get in and out of the car. Probably take 4 weeks to get here.

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