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    Recovering from the flood here (Colorado) - we were lucky and only got water in the basement, but that's meant a lot of sorting through stuff, throwing carpet and drywall and stuff (too much stuff!) away. I finally got my racing chair welded and am hoping to get back to some road training. In the meantime, I've only been lifting weights and taking the dog out for short handcycle rides.

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    Cool fall weather here as well. I feel my spasticity kicking in a bit also. I'm going to try a few of the carbon fiber AFO's that were mentioned in the Post your Walking Video thread. Have an appointment with Hanger next week. Hope that may break up some of my right leg tone a bit.

    Been getting in some decent trike rides past 2 weeks.

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    Welcome back, everyone. I didn't know what was up for a while there. The weather is bliss today, warm but with hints of color. The real show will start soon. I'm still walking my indoor track, one-quarter mile at a time. Today's goal is a mile. It's a good start and I'll build up as much as possible from there. It's tiring and I'm amazed at how much energy it takes. Question for all of seems that I need to always be on top of fitness or I lose ground really fast. ..much faster than pre-injury. I really can't take a lot of time off from workouts. If I have two quiet days in a row, I can tell. Have you experienced the same? Katja, so glad to hear you're all right!

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    I think you're right, Truly, about how quickly we lose ground with a little inactivity. I've been trying to think through this and I'm sure it goes back to what Arndog has stressed: We have a limited amount of innervation depending on the severity of our injury. We have to work with what we have. We start in major deficit mode to start with, so no wonder that we lose it quicker, too. I haven't been hiking my local mountain like I did last summer. I hiked it today and it was tough. I have definitely lost ground due to not hiking on a regular basis. Glad you are okay, Katja, but sorry to hear about all of the clean up challenges in your basement.

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    Found you guys again!
    I'll post more stuff, been riding again, I got a bad nerve impingement & was down for 4-5 weeks at around 1/2 speed.
    I did see Arndog off down the Grand Canyon - I hope he's having a great trip, he should be off the rio in a few days.

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    Steve sorry to read about your nerve impingement, are you back up to speed?

    Katja Glad you survived the 500 year flood, without to much damage. Sounds like a mess.

    Truly guess its use it or loose it X2 for us nerve impaired folks. Great job keeping up your workouts.

    I'm really pushing the continuing bits of new return, by standing up strait. In the four hours on my feet, on the standing frame, or at the back of the couch. In the standing frame I can stand strait up without toughing anything, for about half the time. At the back of the couch, I walk in place for at least half the time I'm there. Man those new bits of muscle sure burn a lot. Maybe there being over worked, but I just can't stop. Its a way of life after a while. Even when I'm laying down I'm doing isometric exercises continually. And lots of e-hand cycling of course, between rain storms.

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    Back from 16 days rafting the Colorado River down the Grand Canyon- beyond beyond great. Did not get sick. Put in a Foley cath the night before and removed it the day after the trip. Miraculously, I diid not get a UTI or go into urosepsis despite living in desert sands, silt, and throwing caution to the wind and wading waist deep in side canyon pools. Life on the river with a colostomy was uneventful - although nothing was easy, it can be done .. .
    No wheelchair for recovery.

    Met Steve Garro and his wife pre and post trip -- Another highlight.

    Got to row some - perhaps not as much as Steve the year before, but enough to get a minor ischial abrasion. The group was chronologically older (60's) and I don't think my crutch walking slowed people down too much. Had it been a younger crowd, it would have.

    You don't need to hike to have a good time, you are in the Grand Canyon. All you had to do is look around and try the impossible task of taking it all in.

    Question about CC - what happened to photos? I have been unsuccessful opening other's attached files. Any suggestions?

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    Went to Telluride Adaptive Sports Program's 2013 Moab Mania.
    The event was four days total with three of them mountain biking and an off day which we floated the Colorado river.

    There were seven of us handcyclist with varying degrees of experience. I think everyone went home with a smile on their face and a increased knowledge base. It's hard not to have fun mountain biking in Moab!

    Day 1, We rode the Bar-M EZ/Lazy trail. The portion we did was roughly 3 miles and were out for approximately 3 hours.

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    Jett man that looks like fun. What an adventure. Must be wonderful to hang and ride with other folks in about the same boat as you, and what a wonderful place to ride. Great pictures.

    Arndog speaking of pictures, I hope you can down load some of your adventure on the river. Was your trip a good distraction from the pain? Did you do much crutch walking around during the trip? Where you comfortable with the sleeping arraignments? 16 days, wow.

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    Flying, This is a yearly event and is open to all handcyclist. They also rent bikes for those who don't have one of their own.
    I am planning to attend next year, you and Steve should join us.

    Day 2 -We rode the Dino Flow trail.

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