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    Garro - that picture is beyond beautiful. It is religious.

    Steve that is my Greenland paddle on my front deck. I love it. It does everything the Swift paddle does but more.

    Since it doesn't have thin delicate blades, I use it as a 'crutch' when I get out of the boat on a beach without my AFO -

    I don't wear the AFO so I won't get trapped in the boat.

    It is a great paddle. Mine is CF but I have used wooden ones and they are great. 84 inches is about right for length.
    I blew a paddle to bits using it as a crutch..........
    A greenland has as much water pushing power as a conventional paddle?
    Love to try one, but I've never actually seeen one - I find them very interesting........what is it's strong point/why do you prefer it?

    I got entangled in my rudder cables with my afo........upside down in the middle of the Colorado in 48*F sucked..........had to go under water a few times - could barely get 1/2 my face above water.
    Got a wet rescue & got really cold.

    I still wear a stripped down AFO or the foot drop would kill me in 5min.....

    Sure love it up there.

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    Steve - the Greenland paddle is as powerful and digs into the water as much as any paddle I have tried. It also has low swing weight, it presents less blade to the wind and doesn't get blown around. You can push off beach sand or a rock easier without risk to the blade, it doesn't get smushed in your car like a blade can and you can do light strokes at high cadence with putting a variable amount of blade in the water. I guess that is what is so cool - you can put a varying amount of blade in the water.
    The negative is that the wood ones are one piece - so I got a CF one. But now I am going to get a wood one- -they feel good in your hands....

    Here is my GL paddle on my deck, and my friend Chuck is using one there in Lake Tahoe.
    The second picture is from two days ago - it was really windy, so we paddled in Oakland and checked out these aircraft carriers...

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    Went out and previewed the Bolder Boulder 10K course with 2 other wheelers. The newbie among us was very impressed by the hills.

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    Did a 29 mile Training ride on the Force R in 1:25min in some windy conditions. Only my 5th ride on it. Cant wait until June for my first Race on it.

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    Three hours of singletrack averaging 9000ft elevation.

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    Swam the 50 free and breaststroke in the last weekends Boise Spring Fling swim meet.
    It was setup as a long course event. Swimming 50 meters all in one shot took what seemed like forever to get to the other end.
    I was the only adaptive swimmer there.

    Swim practice Wednesday and again this morning. Swam the mile this morning for some distance training.
    I have a open water swim June 15. Hopefully all the distance swimming in the pool will be similar and I won’t completely flounder in the event (first open water event).
    1977 - C5 ambulating Quad

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    The open water idea scares me, but I think that you will do fine. You look strong in the water.
    C1/C2 walking quad, SCI from 4/2010

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    Got a lot in today - 40 minute crutch walk, weight/core routine, and 1 hour trike ride. It was a beautiful day here, breezy/sunny/70 degrees. Got my staples out 2 days ago; overall I'm glad to be rid of the pump, at least for now.

    Jett - that open water swim would scare me too. I need a swim belt and a snorkel/mask to do anything in the water and I still feel like a rock. You are the man.

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    Did another 15 mile training ride in 1:10 in bad wind. Went ahead and did another 15 mile cruise trying to find new ride areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jett View Post
    I have a open water swim June 15. Hopefully all the distance swimming in the pool will be similar and I won’t completely flounder in the event (first open water event).
    It's different. Nothing to look at to guide you. No boost every 25 yards from the turn. I found that I need to slow way down, both mentally and physically, and swim slowly, with relaxed turnover and long, gliding strokes. Find something to sight on (a hill, or tree, or building, or buoy), and set up a rhythm for sighting (every 4 strokes maybe, or even less frequently if there's not much of a current). Raise your head straight up just enough to get your goggles out of water before turning to breathe.

    I really enjoy open water swimming, it can be meditative.

    I'm all set up for the Bolder Boulder 10k on Monday:

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