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    Good job Flying. Lacrosse season is finally over. between coaching, and attending my kids games it has kept me pretty busy. I have managed some good crutch hikes while going to my daughters games. There is one spot we go to all the time on the way there and I hit one in MD a week or so ago. Love to hike when I get into the hills. Its so flat here.

    Switched off weights and back to balance at the gym. Dynamic standing I call it. I have graduated to some pretty good stuff on the balance ball. My hamstring seems to finally be getting stronger. I have notice I have begun to be able to lift it in a prone leg curl. I could always do a sitting leg curl with weight but couldn't lift my foot if I was laying down. My abductors seem to be gaining ground too.

    Gonna trade my tricycle in for a hybrid style bike of some sort so I can start cruising. The water is remaining stubbornly cold so surfing has been on hold. Bought an old retro fish beater that's short wide and thick. Itching to give it a go.

    Keep charging on guys.

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    Getting back in the game after my hospital debacle. Went back to PT this morning, worked a light afternoon, and took a 1 hour crutch walk this evening. Feels good to be moving, even though I've got 4 inches of staples in my belly and 2 1/2 inches over my lower spine.

    I've had a little trouble getting my head together. I feel a bit like - WTF??? I tried to do something proactive and positive and it blew up in my face. I know it could have been worse; I could have gotten meningitis or ended up on iv antibiotics for weeks, but can't something work out?. I guess with SCI, you can just about count on having the 5% complication rate come back to haunt you.

    One thing that has helped has been to delve deeper into this site. I've read some other threads, such as Incomplete Dilemma, that are very insightful. Having this community makes a difference. The determination, resourcefulness, and good will here definitely helps with maintaining a positive attitude. It will get me out of my whining mode soon, I hope.

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    Did a 21 mile Training ride on the R. Then went and Trained a client at the gym.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post

    Flying, if your AFOs are off, don't you have foot drop? Do you just pick up your feet or is your dorsi/plantar flexion loss only partial?
    I just pick up my feet a bit more then with the AFOs on. And no the dorsi/plantar flexion loss is complete. But I stand with out AFOs at the couch and walk in place for hours everyday anyway so I guess I'm used too walking without them anyway.

    Truly so what are you using for balance for all that walking? Wow you have really come a long way, walking around for a large part of a day, great progress.

    Crash86 Where in Oregon do you live? If its not to far away it would be great to ride with you.

    Dan F Glad to hear that your up and going again, I know how tough it is to not be moving and grooving.

    Jett Way to go getting back on the one off. Glad all that swimming is keeping you in shape for the summer fun.

    Great job everyone staying in the best shape we can. Time to get on the horn and find some people to go riding with. Four days in a row riding the trike, think I'm warring out my old dog.
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    Today I worked most of the day, but I was able to get in about a 50 minute trike ride when I got home. Felt great to get out. Had more tone and clonus than I did with the baclofen pump, but cadence and speed were about the same as previously.

    Arndog - love those pictures, we don't have those wide open vistas back here on the East Coast. Glad you're back at it.

    Flying - hope you got a crew together for a good ride.

    MFlounlacker - sounds like you've got lots of different activities going. I think mixing it up like that can really maximize function and improvement. Good luck with the transition to a 2 wheeler.

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    Hi all! I just finished a Leslie Sansone walking workout, 48 minutes of good cardio. Also played with the dog a bit outside. Not enough hours in the day.

    Keep up the good work, everyone. I love to hear how you're doing and to see the photos you post.

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    Just got back from four days paddling up & then down the Colorado river - I am tired, sore & dehydrated.

    Arndog: did you try the greenland paddle?
    Super interested about those.
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    Went on the Doernbecher Children's Hospital charity ride, 25 mile out and back. On the way back I rode with a 74 year old guy riding on a trike like mine, except his had a continuous variable speed transmission, and an electrical motor backup. I know, for you purest out there that's cheating, but to me the motor looked like great way to keep up with AB riders and a great way to extend ones shoulder riding life. The guy said he could have gone on the longer 60 mile ride with the battery's he had on board, at a 15 mph average pace, and he was a slower rider then me without the motor. Maybe someday.

    Steve That picture makes a guy feel small some how.
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    Garro - that picture is beyond beautiful. It is religious.

    I am back in action and paddled under the Golden Gate bridge out into the Marin Headlands yesterday. Getting the hang of current/wind/following seas. It is serious stuff in that bay and we fought a 2.6 knot flow plus headwind through the channel for a bit - whoa - good workout.

    Steve that is my Greenland paddle on my front deck. I love it. It does everything the Swift paddle does but more. Since it doesn't have thin delicate blades, I use it as a 'crutch' when I get out of the boat on a beach without my AFO - I don't wear the AFO so I won't get trapped in the boat. It is a great paddle. Mine is CF but I have used wooden ones and they are great. 84 inches is about right for length.

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    Here is my Greenland paddle. On the far end is a rubberized cover over the tip so I can use it as a balance stick and stick it in the sand. This one is CF and breaks down to three pieces for travel.

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