Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Nice 21 mile ride with the slower people in are group, what a difference it makes to go 1 mile and hour slower, leaves one with more energy to do the rest of life. 80 degrees in April, that's as hot as it got in the summer all last year. You know its the giant heat sink we have about 12 miles away, called the Pacific ocean. Its about 54 degrees up here, an its kind of big.
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    You can send that heat over here Flying. I am about 10 degrees away from getting back on the surf. Water temps need to get above 60. I am looking at picking up a board more suited for knee surfing this month so I will be ready to go.

    I am down to a lax stick at practice. It works me pretty good.

    Gym work out I am still in my weight training cycle with less balanced stuff a couple days a week.

    Dan- Looking good. I love a good crutch hike. I am planning a camping trip to the Shenendoah this spring.

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    A whole day out paddling into a headwind - put me to bed!

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    Doing cycle to the sea....fifty plus miles yesterday and today and another fifty plus miles tomorrow ...what a blast and a great work out fourty cyclist 11 or more of those being handcyclist...

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    Tuff week, been cutting firewood up on a very non ADA compliant logging landing in the middle of no ware. And today, with some help, I managed to make a trail down to the river and get the row boat into the water to rehang and rewire the summer river pump. The idea is to be able to crawl down to the river by myself and go rowing. But the trail is really steep in places, but after digging for and hour and going up and down 2 times, and getting in the boat, it was looking like it was a little beyond me. But maybe it will look more doable in the morning. Sure would be nice to play on the river this summer.
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    Bike. 11 miles yesterday, 18 today. You guys make me feel like a wimp.

    I've been watching what I eat and losing some weight because I've decided that being overweight and SCI is a horrible combination.

    Just passed my 4 year anniversary. I've seen small (emphasis on small) improvements in the last year I'm happy to report. Beats regressing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorefm View Post
    I've been watching what I eat and losing some weight because I've decided that being overweight and SCI is a horrible combination.

    Damn straight - quick way to blow your shoulders out, there.
    Plus, is it just me, or is your digestion shot since your accident(s)?
    I can only eat so much........not a big dinner, either - won't sit well.
    I usually eat a big salad for dinners with about a 1/2 portion of what's for dinner & it also keeps my routine regular.
    - Garro.

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    May I join in the conversation , even if I haven't worked out in 6 weeks waiting for my hernia repair to heal???
    I have 2 more days to go.

    Obesity and SCI - that has to be brutal. I can barely drag my sorry buck fifty body around with my wobbly legs. It would be impossible if overweight.

    Hope to get the 19 ft Seda Glider in Tahoe Thursday and have something to post about. Been getting lots of work in at SSDI but really ready to reunite with the out of doors.
    sorefm -get on a scale. Weigh yourself. Don't eat until the weight goes down. Don't sabotage yourself. Don't eat after 7:30pm. Eat breakfast 2 tsp of oat bran dry with water and a small banana. Then eat 7 times a day. Count calories and lose 3 lbs per week. We can celebrate when you reach your goal.
    garro- that is one of the big bummers of SCI - not being able to burn 6000 calories in a day because we don't have the muscle mass to make that happen. If you burn 3000 calories with arm muscles, it is likely that you will get wrist, elbow, and or shoulder overuse injuries. My buddies who have had SCI for 30 years have trashed all those joints. I have 'only' been injured 11 years. I also miss backpacking or multiday ski mountaineering where you just couldn't carry as many calories as you burned. Guaranteed weight loss. Gimps can't backpack like that. You need muscle mass to burn calories.

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    Oh yeah, backpacking was always the ultimate weight control for me. It just needed a week and a half on the trail and I'd be scrawny as an alley cat for the rest of the year. I miss it...a lot...for many reasons.

    Arndog, I hope you're feeling better and back in the game soon.

    Half hour Leslie Samson's workout on top of a long workday. Pooped.

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    What an interesting topic for the night. Today I was bitchen that I was turning to shit. I feel like I want to get up and get some good done only to get up and be half wore the heck out by the time the spaz get settled down and I slip on the side Stix. Dam, Dam , Dam. I'm staying off the Baclofen cause I know it keeps some of the lazy parts from working but I tell ya I don't think I can keep it up. Is there something temp a guy can do instead of getting on the Baclofen program.

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