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    It must be the season for sore bums. My workdays are at least 9 hours of desk time. I've become less and less tolerant of it and now have to get up at least once an hour to stand or take a little walk. Still am uncomfortable even then. I'm trying not to think about it getting worse. That's the most challenging thing for me in this SCI existence .... the ever changing landscape. As soon as you think you have things figured out and have a semblance of normalcy, you get dished up a whole new set of rules. Lucky we're all so smart and adaptable or....or....well best not to go there.

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    Saw the Doc today. He said it looked like a pressure sore but thought it was not exactly where he would have expected it but we are treating it as such. I can only guess I got it from an improperly adjusted lumbar support on my cockpit seat on a couple of longer flights. Will pay more attention to that as well as getting out of the seat for a "leg stretch" on the trans-con flights. He said it looked like it was healing well already but to expect about another 6 weeks for complete healing.

    Gave me a DuoDerm CGF dressing for it and I picked up another box from my pharmacy.

    After a cold Spring I'm back on the bike and that feels great (not as good as pre injury though ) I am amazed at how good it feels to get out and push hard.

    Will now remember that even though I can hobble pretty well, I am susceptible to pressure sores.

    Thanks again to all.

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    Steve, Arndog, truly,

    Thanks for the quick replies. That truly means a lot to me. I'm away from home right now and will have it checked by a doc on Tuesday. Will hunt down some Tegaderm dressings ASAP. This has taken me totally by surprise.



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    sorefm Glad to hear that your on the mend, and still riding your bike. I totally agree with how good it feels to get out in the fresh air and push as hard as you can.

    Today went for a 27 mile hand cycle ride and we went up just about every hill we could find, totally pooped.
    Been riding my peddle trike at least every other day and three days in a row recently. Feeling a little stronger all the time. Speaking of getting stronger, my 12 year old dog go's on my 3 mile trike rides and wow, he's acting like he is half his age, guess a good workout is good for everyone.

    So Steve how's your new little dog doing? Does he go with you on your one off rides?
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    Riding does feel a good bit different post injury. I've had a hard time getting HR and cadence up to levels remotely comparable to pre injury rates. That being said, riding the trike outside sure beats the hell out of not getting out at all and I feel fortunate that I'm able to do it. Many people with SCI are not so lucky.

    Today got in an hour ride after 90 minutes of PT. Had to work all day yesterday and take call, so no exercise - but was on my feet most of the day.

    Thanks to everyone on this site - helps keep the focus.

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    Dan F,
    I'm at 3 years post injury now. Looking back at my Garmin data, I can see that I made good progress in the last 1.5 years. My cadence is still low, ~68, but my speed is better. The Garmin is great for seeing progress and keeping motivated.

    An old AB buddy came into town this week, and I rode bikes with him for three days. Of course I trashed myself, but it was fun. Think I'll rest tomorrow.
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    Dan F I ride my trike for fun and some leg workout and to exercise the dog and if someone wants to go for a walk. With weak legs there's no cardio to be had. But for cardio there's hand cycling, or as some might call it "Gods gift to paraplegics".
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    I did a 150# lat pulldown today! Pull-up, here I come!

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    3hr ride in the desert, full blooms - amazing fragrance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve garro View Post
    3hr ride in the desert, full blooms - amazing fragrance!
    Nice! Still waiting for the snow to melt here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katja View Post
    I did a 150# lat pulldown today! Pull-up, here I come!
    have you tried assisted pullups (not sure what your level of injury is). I think they translate a lot better to doing a real pullup.

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