Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Wow after reading about your miss adventures with your back sides I had my wife give me a through going over, all clear on the western err back side front. Thanks for reminding me to pay more attention, like you guys are saying you just never know. Since my butt hurts a lot of the time, I figure that all the squirming

    would be enough, so I don't pay enough attention.

    Jett That's a long swim, pretty impressive. How fast is your heart going when you swim a long way?

    Steve Great shots of the GC. Sure sounds like fun cruising up and down the river, and that's a great tale of determination with the Tegaderm.

    I had a passenger on my ride today, the 15 pound 3.5 month old grandchild. Hey Jett how's your grandchild doing?
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    Had kind of a weird day today. I think I'm just tired and a little "overtrained" for the week. Since getting the crutches I've been walking a lot more, still biking a good bit, and working. Been struggling all day with tightness, neuropathic pain, balance issues. Neurontin didn't help much, nor did a granny gear short recovery trike ride. Hopefully a good's night sleep and a day or two of lighter activity will help.

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    Hi all, I've been a bit MIA due to work and travel but had a chance to check in on this thread today. You've all been doing terrific and I'm so glad to hear about the returns (Flying), the LaCrosse stick success (MFlounlacker), biking (Cajun & Steve), swimming (Jett), training (Katja), paddling (Steve & Arndog), surviving a trip to Wisconsin (Revis, sorry I missed you). Glad to see that you all are living life as large as ever.

    I'm still working hard at recovery. I've gotten better at walking around the house, unaided. Not ready to take the show to the outside world, though. That'll take some time yet. Today, I did 20 rounds of the outside stairs and was on my feet in the kitchen for most of the morning. I still have my usual workout sets to squeeze in before the day is done. My balance has improved and I can actually stand for short stints and have a conversation. Since I've been doing the Leslie Sansone workouts and have discovered that I can march in place quite well, that's become my response when I feel the balance is about to go....quite a surprise to whoever happens to be nearby. You gotta do what you gotta time for elegance or finesse.

    Keep up the good work, everyone!

    Sorefm, yeah, you gotta get that spot checked out. I had a pressure sore early on and it surprised the heck out of me. Now, I'm very diligent about moving a lot during the work day and checking if there's any suspicion. If you catch it early, it'll be a lot easier of a recovery for you.
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    Steve, Arndog, truly,

    Thanks for the quick replies. That truly means a lot to me. I'm away from home right now and will have it checked by a doc on Tuesday. Will hunt down some Tegaderm dressings ASAP. This has taken me totally by surprise.



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    I can walk around fairly normally as well, but sitting for long periods still isn't as safe as it used to be.

    My job lately has involved periods of extensive hiking interspersed with periods of intense computer time. When we were wrapping up the project, there was about a week and a half where I was pulling probably seven or eight hour days at a desk and gradually the pain built up to the point where I couldn't sit for more than half an hour without significant pain setting in.

    I had to take a few days off and either stand or lay reading on my stomach in bed a much as I could until things improved.

    My sensation above my knees is essentially normal (as best as I can tell), so I was able to tell that something bad was happening in my bum, and do something about it before it got worse. However if your sensation is lacking in some of those areas, I think it is still entirely possible for sores to develop.

    We are lucky in a lot of ways, but residuals like atrophy and poor circulation still contribute to pressure sore susceptibility no matter how well we can walk.

    Quote Originally Posted by sorefm View Post
    Ok, it's been a while since I posted. This isn't quite about a workout although I've been doing those and am back on the bike (yay, Spring!)

    About 10 days back I discovered an injury on my upper left outer thigh just below my buttock. It is not a saddle sore, not even close to the bike seat. Looked like I had accidentally gouged myself on something and it took a while for me to find it since its on a part of my leg with very little feeling, I thought that plausible. Here's the's been very slow to heal and I write that off to being due to the poor circulation and its location where it constantly gets sat on and rubbed. My significant other, well, she looked at it and immediately went Internet surfing and says its a pressure sore which kinda scares the crap out of me and I'm disbelieving.

    I am almost 4 years post injury, walking without assistance and in fact walking well enough to work----I'm an airline pilot. I've never had a pressure sore or even came close (or so I think) even during my least ambulatory days when I was walker and wheelchair and find it hard to believe that I would get one now. Granted, my job does involve a lot of sitting but I've been back to work for a year and a half now and think this problem would have reared its head earlier.

    I post to this thread because I know many of you are incompletes (I'm an L1 burst) that are very active and may have similar issues like slow healing on affected limbs.

    Just looking for a little feedback. Probably going to see my internist about this next week if I don't see a marked improvement.
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    Friday night I had a good gym workout. Saturday I was able to get in a nice long crutch hike with man's best friend. I did maybe 2 1/2 miles on relatively flat terrain scouting for turkeys. Sunday I spent all day on my feet at a 3 game play day with my lacrosse team, warming up the goalie with no cane and roaming the sidelines using my stick as my assistive device.
    An old friend was reffing our games and was amazed when he saw me. I hadn't seen him since my accident and he couldn't believe I was walking around like I was. He asked me when I expect to get back on the field to play again. Yea right.

    Sorefm- I have very little sensation in my bum and backs of my legs. Fortunately I have not had any issues. Honestly I do not sit much as my job and life keep me on my feet. Your post reminds me however that I need to be aware of this though.

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    I got out of bed, so far so good.
    Just another tricky day. C5/6 incomplete, 43 years out.

    You'll get through.

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    Truly its great to have you back and hear that your really keeping up with your various workout routine's. I can just see you marching in place while talking to your fellow workers, they must think that you have ants in your pants.
    Keep up the great work, and way to go on being able to stand (or march) in place, I have recently learned what a wonderful feeling that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tall Paul View Post
    I got out of bed, so far so good.
    Awesome, well done!

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    Nothing today..Handcycled aMarathon yesterday.

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