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    Welcome Dan F ! I had a Catrike too back 10 years ago - My friend here in Reno swears by the baclofen pump and also was happy to get off the oral.

    Glad you are getting the Sidestix to aid and replace canes for anything other than ADLs, short ambulations from the car to the Kmart shopping cart , etc.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm been MIA (grad school) for a while, but I logged a 60min handcycle day in the sunsine on an old, heavy freedom ryder twistshift. The handcycle is an inexpensive rental.

    I was wondering has anyone tried a fixie handcycle?
    For city commuting today, I hardly used more than 2 gears.

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    5 more days until Warrior Dash. I've been battling a calf strain for weeks so I've decided to shut down the running until the event. I'm not sure if it is caused by the imbalance of strength in my left leg or just not giving it enough healing time...

    Transitioning from a walking quad to a running one has not gone smoothly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gvinton View Post
    5 more days until Warrior Dash. I've been battling a calf strain for weeks so I've decided to shut down the running until the event. I'm not sure if it is caused by the imbalance of strength in my left leg or just not giving it enough healing time...

    Transitioning from a walking quad to a running one has not gone smoothly.
    I've been wondering how it was going with you since you told us about your injury. I bet that bike riding is the best thing for you now, easy on your body but great cardio. Good luck.
    C1/C2 walking quad, SCI from 4/2010

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    70 sunny beautiful degrees here in VA. Went for about a 16 mile ride on the Catrike and flipped over 800 miles since getting the trike 6 1/2 months ago. Overall, the ride was great. However, felt a little weird today, slightly off balance - almost fell in the parking lot of Verizon running errands with my son - and tight at the same time. Everyday is different. I'm generally due for a fall every few weeks, so maybe it's just one of those days.

    This AM did some focused exercises on my weak points: everything in my right leg, especially hip flexion, ankle dorsiflexion, and hamstrings. Sometimes hard to tell how much change I'm getting, but keep chipping away at it. I do know that I definitely feel worse if I'm not moving.

    Spent more time today reading through this thread. You guys are awesome and provide a lot of insight, motivation, support, new ideas. As someone said somewhere in the thread, it takes a 30 minute conversation for an AB to begin to understand what SCI is like.

    I am intrigued about how many of you have gotten back to road biking. I was an avid road biker before my injury; I put in ~ 6000 miles a year for the 2-3 years pre SCI. I could probably get on a road bike and ride now, I'd just be awfully leery of my balance and ability to reflexively respond to a fall. I'm riding my road bike on a trainer, but I've only ridden the trike on the road or trail. The trike sure beats sitting at home, but it's pretty slow, or, at least, I'm now slow. But my feet and legs aren't cramping as much with the baclofen pump and I don't get the whole leg clonus I used to get after a longer or harder ride.

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    First day back doing the handcycle commuting to work. Not a real lengthy ride being a total of 8 miles but, its always good to be out in the fresh air!

    Flying – Your blue bike frame threw me for a minute. 37 miles is a very solid ride.

    Cripwalk – swimming is about the only exercise program I am real strict about. I swim twice a week for an hour with a adaptive swim coach.
    Commute to work on the handcycle in the non-snow months, try to get out on the the trails with the One-off and do some nordic sit skiing in the winter.
    Thirty five years of hobbling around on crutches is probably a lot of where the deltoids came from.

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    Dan - what about a two wheeled recumbent like an easy rider with your BB below your seat which would be easy on /off. They have to be faster than a trike and easier on roads taking up less spece.

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    Swim gear for cold temps

    Thanks to all for your postings, tales, and especially for the beautiful photos and video clips.
    Arndog, the Grand Canyon hike was epic...why all in one day? What was your recovery time afterward? I wish you the world's best massage therapist after that chapter.
    Jett, do you swim your twice-weekly hour-long workouts in the outdoor pool shown in your new wetsuit photo, with snow on the ground just beyond the pool deck?! what is the water temp in that pool, pray tell?
    (btw, your short wetsuit is great, the long ones are impossible to get in and out of without a pit crew.)
    may i add that if you want to stay even warmer, try adding a neoprene cap, a rash guard shirt (or two) over the wet suit and some water shoes with plastic soles and neoprene liners to help maintain your core body temperature. i have learned this through trial and error.
    how do you all avoid becoming chilled in the kayaks/sitskis/handcycles etc. in cold weather? After 43 years of incomplete c5 sci, my temperature regulation ability has diminished in both cold and hot weather.
    i salute you, all you wild things...stay warm, unscathed and have more fun!

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    Tomorrow will be 19 months from my injury. Lots of challenges still, but also have a lot to be grateful for.

    Good day today - PT for an hour this AM, really focusing on my right leg deficits. Worked this afternoon. I'm a pediatrician, so I'm up and down and wrestling with kids for most of my time there. This evening got in a 35 minute walk with my wife and the dog using hiking sticks. Can't wait for the Side Stix to get here.

    Thanks for your reply Arndog. I really haven't considered a 2 wheeled recumbent, but maybe I should. It's probably is a good bit faster and should still be safer than a road bike. I do really like the
    Catrike, plus I dropped a good bit of dough on it. I'll have to figure out how to sneak the next toy purchase past my wife.

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    Crashbang - I came up with 5 reasons to do it down and up in a day.
    1. you don't have to carry sleeping bag/tent/extra food/catheters/etc. My back and arms couldn't do that.
    2. it requires more organization in a National Park to spend overnight at the river and $$.
    3. I am so sore after a day like that, I don't believe I could get it together the next day to crutch hike - the neuropathic pain sets in - I'm sore for 6 days.
    4. Any AB can hike it in two days. The challenge and joy is to do it in one. The accomplishment feels good to this 'not grown up' grownup. "to the river and back". It was only 12 hours. Only took half a day ! I have always liked a long day outside.
    5. My AB friends wouldn't want to split it up in two days. They all went out the next day and did some peak bagging near Flagstaff.

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