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    steve- yes that would be John Davis. Great pictures - hey, how far is that Sedona ride from your place?
    truly- I sometimes don't think workout out muscles with poor innervation get you stronger. What about using a wheeled walker around the house like one with a basket to carry things. I have dragged one out of the garage into the house while I was healing up my ischeal ulcer and trying not to sit at all. It is not bad. I could even flop around without an AFO a little bit . I pay such a big price with leg work in resulting neuropathic pain and over 8 years there isn't much gain in strength. I think we incomplete's best off saving leg work for activities of daily living (or epic great days) and working upper body muscles with good innervation that can hypertrophy (grow). I propel myself with my arms as much or more than my spindly legs. Just an idea....
    Sedona is 28mi from my Flag house & 18min from my Camp Verde one.

    I also have to agree with your statement to Truly 100% - well composed and true for me all the way.
    Even if I am using my legs allot I think more then getting stronger I just get better balance and flexibility. And yeah - it cranks the pain.

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    Good advice, Arndog. I know what you're saying.

    All I could fit into the day was a half hour Leslie Sansone workout. It was sure fun. Managed to walk backwards five steps. Feel as if I'm ready to join the circus.

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    March 1
    2*6 (WG), 2*6 (MG), 2*6 (CG)

    BB Incline Press
    2*5*115, 2*5*120, 1*4*125


    Good Mornings

    Cable Pulldowns
    2*8*110, 1*8*115

    March 2
    Went to alumni hockey game. That evening I walked 1km and back to get something to eat. Almost collapsed by the time I got back.

    March 3
    Seated BB Shoulder Press
    5*45, 5*65, 5*70, 5*75, 5*80, 3*85

    DB Rows
    3*8*55 (SLC)

    3*20 (BW Box)

    CG BB Bench
    15*50, 15*55, 15*60, 15*65, 12*70

    March 5
    1*7, 1*6 (WG), 1*7, 1*6 (MG), 1*7, 1*6 (CG)

    BB Incline Press
    2*8*115, 1*8*120


    Good Mornings

    Cable Pulldowns
    1*8*110, 2*8*115,

    March 7
    Seated BB Shoulder Press
    8*45, 5*65, 5*70, 5*75, 5*80, 5*85

    DB Rows

    4*20 (BW Box)

    CG BB Bench
    15*55, 15*60, 15*65, 15*70, 12*75

    Machine Flys
    15*70, 15*80, 15*85

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    Kayaks on Snow

    Ok, Kayaks on Snow:

    Apparently this involves sledding down a mountain and into a lake.

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    Katja- I hope we don't end up with any new members following that event. It does sound like fun though. Why is danger and fun always so compatible?

    Play day with 6 games with my lax team today. I really see myself gettiing stronger and stronger with my coaching. Nice that I get to enjoy coaching and at the same time it is really benefiting my rehab.

    Back to gym routine after a two week period of snow sliding activities. I hate the gym, but it is a necessary evil. Can't wait til warmer temps so I can get back into the water for some surf.

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    Southern Oregon coast
    My original paralysis has kicked my but, once again. Did get in a 22 mile ride, but barely made it home and I felt like I was 90 years old. Life just sucks sometime, sorry to complain.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    Truly, I have been injured for 35 years. My thinking is not so much as to get back to a pre injury status and more just to maintain what I have now. The natural aging process takes a heavy toll on the body and most of us can’t afford to loose much. I don’t see it as giving up but, more applying recourses to where they are most beneficial both emotionally and physically.

    Hang in there Flying!

    Went to swim practice Wednesday and Saturday.
    Two to the local master teams were holding a mock swim meet this morning and I joined them.
    Swam the 50 Free, back and breaststroke events. I was the only adaptive person there. I mainly swam for time and the practice.

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    Poolwalking in chest-high water for 40 minutes.
    Rolled and unrolled pool cover.
    Processed 2 large loads of laundry from gathering clothes to wash/dry/fold/ put away. Unloaded full dishwasher.
    Swept kitchen, front walk and pool deck from w/c.
    Stood for 10 minutes to chop vegetables.
    Now for the massage chair, set for concentrated attention to upper back and shoulder area....ahhhhhh!

    C 5-6 incomplete, 1970 waterskiing accident.

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    Katja- Kayaking down ski hills - I knew people did that, definately want a plastic boat maybe put velcro on the keel to slow it down. I think I will stick to flat water !

    Got 2 great days of nordic sitsking in this weekend. What a great low para sport or for anyone with trunk stability and strong arms. John Davis and I mixed it up - it is good to have some one 15 years younger to push me a bit.

    Tomorrow - plans to kayak around the islands of Mono Lake. Will report later... Garro wish you could join me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flying View Post
    My original paralysis has kicked my but, once again. Did get in a 22 mile ride, but barely made it home and I felt like I was 90 years old. Life just sucks sometime, sorry to complain.
    No apologies until you quit trying. And even then...

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