Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    9 miles on h/c, 1 hr on FES, 15 mins on standing frame.

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    BB Bench

    BB Incline Press

    Seated Shoulder Press
    1*5*35, 1*5*50, 1*5*55, 1*5*60, 1*5*65, 1*5*70

    Machine Seated Flies

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    P S Steve you were right about getting off of Fentanyl, its a bitch.
    keep it up, Man!!!!!
    Be tough - I never felt truly healthy until that crap had washed out of my system - You Can Do It.

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    I got in two 2hr rides in three days, got to do some exploration - good to be out!

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    Back Day

    2*7 (WG)
    2*7 (MG)
    2*7 (CG)

    DB Rows

    (tweaked lower back a bit on these so skipped cable rows)

    Cable Pulldowns

    Still happy with 42 pullups

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    15 min on a stationary recumbant bike. I have shoes with which I strap my feet in. I use my hands to push my legs. This REALLY gets my heart rate up. 10 min.

    3lb hand weight, full range of motion of the shoulders....20 min.

    braces....standing and balance.

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    Going on short 11 miles rides to try to rest my rhomboid major, which is being a major pain, or in major pain. Guess are body's are not meant to do the things that we do with them. Spent some time putting on some z lock brakes on my chair, wish I had done that a long time ago, reaching under my chair to get to the old brakes was a pain. Why do they even sell them like that anyway?

    Arndog Thats a cool pic. looks like slow going.
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    Pushed my rugby chair 5 miles, then hit the weight room for an hour.

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    SO. I am high-level ASIA A (complete paraplegic.) Today:

    1) Recumbant bike. Resistance is level 0 (as low as it goes.) Get a pair of shoes which clip to the pedals. Strap your feet in. Now take your hands and MAKE YOUR LEGS MOVE. This pulls blood from my heart. Every day I'm getting a little better at this, although my shoes are old and my feet slip out. I do about 15 minutes.

    2) 3lb hand weight. Sitting in the chair. Press. Side lift. Front lift. Pour a pop bottle (works rotator.) 10 x. One side, then the other. And back again. 20 minutes, hear trate measures at 144.

    3) Braces. Just...standing. I don't walk in the braces anymore much. I figure that until I can free stand, what's the sense?

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    Another on my feet marathon for my work out the last couple days. I finally got to the slopes for a go at snowboarding. It went well. I pooped out after a couple hours, but manage ok. It is doable. I need to work on my quads more intensively. I am going to try to hit it at least a few more times before I head to Vermont with High Fives.

    Then I drove to Philly to meet the guys from Wheelchair Lacrosse USA at the US Lacrosse national convention. They were doing a demonstration and it was great. I think that this new wheelchair sport is on the rise. I am hoping to help them promote it.

    I was on my feet all day today walking through the city and around the convention center, etc. I was thinking I should have brought my chair. I made it though, but am thoroughly whooped now.

    Rest tomorrow, back to the grind Monday.

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