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    What workout did I do today? I sneaked around shutting the windows, then grabbed the cat and combed and de flead her. That's a mental and physical workout!
    Tell me about it. I bathed my cat and it took two hour to get all the hair off my tonque. lol!

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    Might not have been technically a work out, but today I:

    Measured a job and had to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to the windows and doors. I am getting good at measuring job with just one crutch. (45 mins.)

    Went to friends house to help him fix his gate that was damaged in a wind storm. ( 1.5 hrs.)

    Went grocery shopping and pushed the cart on every row. (45 mins.)

    Came home cooked dinner (45- 1 hr.)

    Did a bong hit (for nerve pain of course) and am chillin watching Finding Bigfoot now.

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    Aw, Flying, she's a cutie. Congratulations!

    Packed up all the decorations today and spruced the place up. Did 1.5 miles on the treadmill. I've worked up to 2mph now. It takes about a month to add a tenth of a mile MPH, so I'll be working up to 2.1 next.

    Mflounlacker, that sure sounds like a workout to me. I think some of the best things are the functional activities where strength and balance are tested in normal ways. For us, it's not sometimes so natural or normal, is it?

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    Public transportation is where it's at. I'm abroad again, and the lifestyle in these cities just demands three or four miles a day, minimum. To be honest, I haven't really walked anywhere significant in the past four months or so because it was so much easier to bike, but now I'm bikeless and realizing how much improvement the all biking brought on.

    I'm using a cane for anything city and hiking poles for anything trail, with the biggest day being probably a total of eight miles (five for a nice desert canyon hike and three in the city).

    Sidestix still come out anytime I have a big backpack or a big mountain.
    L2 incomplete with a pretty bad limp since 10/31/2011.

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    Congratulations, Flying!!!

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    Beautiful fillet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flying View Post
    My weekend workout, see how long someone with some feeling in there butt and no muscle can sit for. Off to Portland to see my first grand kid, got there just in time for the birth. I guess that grandpa's can't complain about a little (lot) of pain.
    What a beautiful girl, here at 12 hours old.
    She IS a beautiful little girl. Congrats to you, flying. I can see the proud look on your face. Glad you could sit and hold her awhile; that's a more fun work out.
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    The kids are on spring break and I have been on break too. I can feel the difference. Shame on me.
    Feelin good is good enough!

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    CG Bench

    Seated Shoulder Press


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