Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Back day at the gym today.

    Pullups: 5 sets of 6
    DB Rows - 1*8*50lbs, 1*12*45lbs, 1*15*40lbs
    Cables rows - 1*8*100, 1*8*110
    Behind the back cable pulldowns - 2*8*100, 1*7*110

    5 mins handbike, 5 mins recumbent bike

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    Yesterday - kayaked Lake Tahoe -20 miles north to south. Incline Village to South Lake Tahoe. 6 hours total with breaks - 5 hours moving. Zero degrees Fahrenheit at dawn putting in. I had no idea if my winter clothes layering would prevent frost bite but it was okay. We stopped on land once. Cathing through all those layers and a spray skirt was the crux of the trip.

    The lake was calm and I wan't cold once I started paddling. My son met us at the south end of the lake and drove back to the start for celebratory pork tacos.

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    A cold wintery day.

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    Icy morning start - new snow to lake level seen in the distance - zero degrees F - hey with proper layering (polartec,pile pants, neoprene socks, neoprene booties), my scrawny leg stayed warm enough.

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    Me on the left and my friend Chuck on the right.

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    What workout did I do today? I sneaked around shutting the windows, then grabbed the cat and combed and de flead her. That's a mental and physical workout!

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    Cajun, Good to hear you are getting to the pool. Stay after it! It does eventually get easier.

    I started swimming roughly two years ago. It’s been a strange evolving process.
    It seems once I get to the point that I start feeling comfortable or it is more second nature we turn up the heat!
    It’s a positive process but, it is amazing how little it takes to rock the boat and you just have to proceed on blind faith that it will happen!
    Went to swim practice this morning (thankfully indoors). Spent the hour on subtle stroke work tweaks.
    Touched some little used muscles in my mid back....going to have some sore spots tomorrow!

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    Neck still feeling a bit tweaked from weighted chins last week.

    BB Bench:
    1*5*115, 1*5*120, 1*5*125, 1*5*130, 1*5*135, 1*5*140, 1*4*145

    Incline BB Bench
    1*8*95, 1*8*100, 1*8*105

    Machine Flys

    Machine Shoulder Press

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    I had my dog pull my in my wheelchair for 3 miles. While it doesn't sound like a lot of exercise, it actually is quite a workout. The 3 miles involved going down and up three hills on the way to the place where we run. And then three hills on the way back. I always help my dog get me and the chair up the hills (actually, I generally do most of the work up the hills - but it sure is nice when my dog helps).
    TM 2004 T12 incomplete

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    My weekend workout, see how long someone with some feeling in there butt and no muscle can sit for. Off to Portland to see my first grand kid, got there just in time for the birth. I guess that grandpa's can't complain about a little (lot) of pain.
    What a beautiful girl, here at 12 hours old.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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