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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Finally back on track. I got approved for 6 weeks of PT. My doc requested it in November and I had kind of given up on it so it was a pleasant surprise. And after weeks of feeling like getting out of bed was harder than running a marathon I finally woke up feeling happy and energetic on the 7th - no idea why but I am running with it.

    Tuesday - 45 min walk with platform walker, 1 hr with physiotherapist working on posture, balance, core etc and 45 min strength training on Nautalis machines

    Wednesday - 30 min on treadmill with no harness - speed 1.7 km/h

    Thursday - 1 hr with physiotherapist working on specific leg muscles (I tend to fire all my leg muscles to get movement so we are working on getting control of individual muscles), crutch walking around the agility arena for about an hour - lots of changing direction

    today I have another physio appointment

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    Went to the Y and used an arm bike. That was tough! I have a ways to go to get in shape.
    They showed me how to use an all purpose machine with two metal arms that have a lot of adjustment. On the arms are handles attached to cables. It's a great Y.
    Too bad it isn't closer.
    I want to go back tomorrow and do some more. As they say: one day at a time...

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    Glad you had a good workout, Rich. Cables are great especially from a W/C.

    Today, I hit the handcycle in the garage for 45 minutes . Easy pace.

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    Still cycling and training every day. Had my first track comp (state masters championships) on the weekend and nailed the 500m time trial, won my age division and generally surprised myself (and others!). Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. Had to have a medical screening for our institute of sport today and seems like I'm in pretty good shape all things considered. Only thing was somewhere along the line I have apparently wrecked the ankle in the leg that doesn't work (I have tripped over it badly on more than one occasion so not suprising) and dr was suggesting I should consider an ankle reconstruction. Not sure I see the point as I am in an AFO and have no movement below the knee anyway so why not just go a more rigid AFO? Anyone had any similar problems?

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    did 50 min on my stat handcycle yesterday. sp;ring is finally here so went walking w./ annalisa last night. it amazes me considering how much i work out and how active i am how affter as long winter my pushing stroke outside is way off, every summer it takes me a few weeks to shake the cobwebs off my arms and really get my stride back. i dont know how so many gimps i see who are sedintary even survive. rep
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    sponsored handcycle racer

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    yesterday - 1 hr PT working on balance/trunk control
    30 min stationary bike

    Monday - 1 hr walk outside with my dog - platform walker

    Sunday - 1 hr of balance work with trainer plus some upper body strength training

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    went for a 2.5-3hr-ish ride on my oneoff here in the mtns. was really blown out & looking forward to sleeping well but it was not to be. up all night with spasms {a real workout in its self}. gonna try & kick out my minimum work i can get away with & walk through the neighborhood with the dogs for a little bit. need sleeeeeep............Steve.

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    FES Bike in PT this morning, took a little nap when I got home then I was on my arm bike for 1hr 45 mins this afternoon!

    i am feeling whooped ....
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    yesterday 2.25 hour nordic sitski by myself - fast icy conditions , 17 miles. Avg hr was 133 bpm which is nice and high and sustained for 2 hours.
    Now another storm is upon us and it will snow 2 to 3 feet tonight. Yeah. A great welcome to the first day of spring.
    Got out the handcycle on the road the other day as we as the recumbent foot powered Catrike that I can pedal with one leg mainly. It just isn't as asthetically pleasing to the heart and soul as is the nordic skiing.
    Up to 45 ski days and my goal is to go over 50. Need to buckle down and get up there.
    Hope all of you are too busy with working out to post !

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    I was going 3 miles yesterday and I was like dead after going uphills. It is heavy, more heavy than I thought. It was fun to go downhills but the curves was difficult and easy to go out of the track. I am not going the competition on Wednesday
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