Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    I am sure the rainy weather has you Tahoe guys getting cabin fever.

    Balance stuff is paying. Not ready for the slack line but maybe soon.I am starting to see improvements from the focus on balance. Still seems so slow but I know it's not. Started walking much better unassisted but still don't much.

    I switched from the eliptical to the stationary bike. I do the alpine pass mode at about 50% for 20 minutes to warm up now. It gets my cardio up to 145-150 bph and higher at the peaks. Gets my heart going and thew pace of the rest of my work ouit keeps it there.

    I still ride my bike around town and hike the dump.

    No surfing due to the cold water. Really screws my legs up. Had to stop about a month ago.

    Working hard to train for some sort of adaptive snow sport. Snow boarding or skiing. High Fives wants to do the trip on the east coast now. I think at Sugarloaf. I am still totally down, but man is it cold there. Was looking forward to pushing powder in 50 degree weather. Oh well. I am still very excited and can't wait to see those guys and meet them face to face.

    Keep it up folks. That kayaking thing looks very fun. Peace and tranquility and awesome exercise all in one. Can't beat it.

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    MFlounlacker sounds like you are making excellent progress! Good job! Any tips on coaxing better balance? I'm kinda stuck and my fall this summer has put a ding in my confidence. I'm strong enough to walk unaided but balance isn't there.

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    Mflounlacker-East coast is AWESOME! I would like to see you get west though-I would love to ride/ski with you sometime! Let me know what you end up doing with High 5's-they are an awesome bunch.
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    Truly- I am sticking with my dynamic standing and bending. I noticed I had let my lower back slide. Started focusing more on strengthening there.

    I stand with my legs in different positions and try to bend over and touch my toes. I also try to bend side to side as well. It seems to be working. Flexibilty is turning out to be a key as well. I stretch like crazy now. Can't bend if your not limber.

    Hitting the speed and heavy bags is cool too. Shifting my weight and extending outside of my center of gravity works me pretty good.

    I'm with you on the confidence. It seems we won't get too far if we don't take the training wheels off but we don't want to fall. Catch 22 I guess

    I am using your advice. I love to push the shopping cart at the grocery store. I can't support myself as well as with my crutches so I have to use my bad leg to hold me up more. It is a serious work out if I do a big list.

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    Aiden- Will do for sure. I will probably hit up your friend at Round Top when there is snow here. I am stoked to get back to the slopes.

    East Coast is my home. I will never say anything bad about it.

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    Hello everyone. Have been reading your posts and enjoying hearing about all of your activities.

    Haven't posted in a while because I've been very busy. Am working a lot and traveling. Yesterday, I was busy in Union, WA starting out early in the morning. Stayed at Alderbrook Resort Hotel next to Bill Gate's compound. Left the area in driving rain around 2:00 PM. Made it to SeaTac, dumped the rental car, walked, stood in line, walked, stood in line, and finally stood in line to board a Southwest jet to Sacramento. Arrived last night in Sac at 7:30 PM. One of the toughest days of work and travel yet. I consider that to be a big workout.

    Today is my 2 year anniversary of my accident. Have come a long ways since lying in the snow completely paralyzed with a spinal cord contusion between C-3 and C-4. Am grateful for the progress. Hoping and praying for more.
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    Mflounlacker - are you going to try normal snowboarding or skiing? If so, let me know how that goes because I'm curious how the bad leg and drop foot thing meshes with a snowboard. My concern is that I won't really be able to pull up to ride on the edge of the board without the dorsiflexion and I'll catch the other other edge on a bump and fall over a bunch.

    I'm game to try myself, but at this rate I might be heading for fairer weather before Winter gets its at together and makes skiing possible. It was sixty three degrees here in Wisconsin today. I was biking around in a t-shirt at night in December.

    Glad you're on a bike, when did you start? It helps recovery a ton - my left leg has probably tripled in strength in the past three and a half months that I have been riding my track bike.
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    Sheddy- I plan to try to snow board if all goes to plan. I may end up on a mono. Who knows? I figure snowboarding would be better. I wouldn't have to use my bad leg independently. I will have to figure out how to use my edges.
    I have been riding my bike for a couple months now. I started off with a trike a while ago. Biking is great. It was 70 here yesterday too. I went for a crutch hike in shorts and a tee. Gotta love it.

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    Got in an almost 3hr singletrack ride on the oneoff at around 8000ft elevation - in December?!?
    Got really cold on the downhill, it sure takes a long time to warm back up these days.

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    Revis Congratulations on making such great progress in the 2 years since your injury. I'm sure there have been many ups and downs on the road to where you are today? And yes traveling has got to be a great workout.

    Arndog Nice video, looks like your putting your new toy to good use. With my bike on the trainer, I find that I can really spin fast, and get my heart rate up pretty good, is that your experience with you krank cycle as well. So you don't eat a TV dinner on a TV tray while watching TV? I only have one question for you, are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party LOL. Its great to try to keep ones intellect intact with all that we go through, it sure is a challenge with all the side effects from the pain meds.

    Truly Maybe you could try some balance stuff with a good place to fall, like next to the bed, or with some pillows all around, so if you fall its no big deal, just to build up some confidence.

    Steve That one off looks like it would be a great rest for ones butt, and a blast to cruse out in mother nature.

    With all the rain I finally put my hand cycle on the trainer. Rode into the night watching Seal team six. So so movie, but to sound track will keep one cranking.
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