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    flying - glad you found some equal 'peers' to ride with (the 4 & 6 yr old).
    Jett - good job with the swim thing. With this kayak interest, I am going to do everything possible to stay out of the drink.
    395 - snow is on the way. I bet you are amped to get in your mono ski. Just remember that that is fun, but NOT exercise. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    395 - snow is on the way. I bet you are amped to get in your mono ski. Just remember that that is fun, but NOT exercise. ;-)
    Certainly not cardio. Best core workout I have ever done though.... or at least the best I have had while having fun
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    Swam about 100 meters today as I too late for aqua aerobics the hoist was great

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    Came back from Phoenix and got in 1 10K push last Monday before MS kicked in and I spent the rest of the week in bed. Given my lack of consistent training over the last few months I was surprised/happy to push that 10K in 42 minutes (my 10K PR is 38 minutes).

    Come Saturday (race day), the temperature here plummeted and the wind came up. I was the only wheelchair racer there :-(. My time was about 45 minutes, so a disappointment but not unexpected.

    Once again I toyed with the idea of bringing the racing chair on my current business trip, but somehow I just couldn't summon up the ability to juggle it and everything else, especially since my return trip will (probably) be the day before Thanksgiving, perhaps one of the worst days in the year to fly.

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    Got to demonstarte my gym's new anti gravity treadmill today for a local talk show. I used it once before. It can reduce your weight by up to 80%. At 60% of my full weight I can walk without a limp. Now if I could only manage to drop down to 95lbs.

    Traveled over the weekend. We managed a few good hikes on the beach and walked a couple long piers.

    Back hiome yesterday I am back into the gym full bore. I want to try snowboarding this winter with outriggers and need to keep the training up. Yesterday I worked my legs to exhaustion and then hit the speed bag and heavy bag. After hitting the heavy bag I couldn't move and ended up on the floor. It was a nice controlled fall but freaked the others in the gym a little. I landed right next to the rowing machine so I pulled myself up on there and stroked for 10 minutes to end my work out.

    High Fives invited me to Tahoe. I am trying to swing the weekend of Feb. 15th. Want to be in the shape of my life by then.

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    I went out kayaking for four hours down the Verde River.
    Fishing was a no go but saw an otter - only the 2nd time in AZ for me.

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    Haven't been doing as much because of the weather and time changes (snow followed by lots of rain...cold, dreary days). Managed to push it for a longer hike last Sunday with my brother in law who was up visiting from CA. 4.75 miles and 1350 elevation gain on Canfield Mtn. This was in the snow. Coming down was a little tough at times. My brother in law held on to the back of my jacket like it was a gait belt as I navigated the icier spots going back down. Ran out of light as we made it back to the car. Will post another picture of the view near the top of the trail.

    All that snow has now washed away from warmer rains on Tuesday. Have been suffering from loads of neuro pain due to the clammy, cold weather (36 to 40 degrees and almost 100% humidity).

    Hope all of you are pushing ahead as best as you can.
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    A picture looking down on Hayden Lake from up on Canfield Mtn.
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    Nice pictures! I'm shivering, though, looking at all that snow. It's good to have family who will help hold you up (both literally and figuratively).

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    I am with my son visiting a college. He is doing his official visit with the lacrosse team. Went exploring for a hike with a nice view. This is what i found. Pretty cool spot. The had steps chisled into the rock and an obervation platform. The locals kids must hang here. There was lots of grafitti but the view was great and this was by far my most ambitious hike.Attachment 47313

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