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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Legs yesterday

    I actually squatted with a spotter! 225 deep with no immediate pain or instability but my left hip is angry at me now. Then my usual hacks, extensions and ham curls.

    light cardio tonight along with abs


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    Mon- crutch walk with dog 1.5 hr
    Tues - rest
    Today - 2'45'' sitski nordic and 1 hour crutch walk

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    Tuesday- abduction exercises with theraband, sit-to-stand reps
    Today -2'45" standing nordic and now stretching & chocolate : ) I overdid it

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    S_Sis - that is impressive 2'45'' nordic shuffling. I want to hear more about it. I PMed you.
    Cave - I enjoyed the thread you started with 'differentially abled' - it was most interesting.
    Shauna, o5survivor, 395,L2R -good job

    1. Traditional exercise - 1 hr stationary bike
    2. Non traditional exercise (kind of like 'wax on wax off' exercise from the movie Karate Kid) I wet mopped the 2 bay garage floor with all the winter dirt for an hour. Prior to that I dry brushed the dirt out of the garage - now this was brutal. That is the beauty of SCI - every activity becomes exercise, from dawn to dusk.

    There must be others who can mention non traditional/ ADL activities that are really good workouts.

    Here is a shot of crossing the finish line of the Tahoe Truckee Great Ski Race - 30 km, 1700 ft climbing. I am trying to slow down before I hit the hay bales...

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    Today -
    3'48'' Standing Nordic 7 miles 1000 ft climbing - Yeah. The last time I was standing on 2 skis doing this loop was 7 years ago. I never thought I would do this again and am so joyous that I did this even though it was at a tortoise pace. Some guy saw my asymmetric lumbering ski stride and came up and asked me if I was hurt and if I needed help. We had a laugh over that when I told him. Thanks to those great surgeons at UCSF for the revision spine surgery last spring.

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    yeea-ah arndog - with ya here in spirit on your return to upright skiing, I can just about imagine how you felt and wow, well earned. What heart rate monitor are you using, a Suunto or something? I'm in the market and will probably pick up another one, was always happy with them but just curious what you have as it looks like what I need.....thx

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    Track training this morning - mainly standing starts. These put a fair bit of stress on the old body, so followed it up with a good 30 mins of stretching. The heatwave in SE Australia continues but looks like we will get some relief in a couple of days which will help with training as certianly starting to feel very fatigued from the heat.

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    I have the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS/heart rate monitor. So it tells you your speed and mileage for walking or nordic skiing which prior HRMs could never do. It also draws a diagram of your route. Totally unessential stuff but a great toy and motivator. I got it before Christmas at CostCo for 155 bucks. Since I am so slow , no one would go with me, I guess I can view it as my 'companion'.

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    Awesome work Jon and everyone else !

    Had a blast ice climbing in the Ouray Ice Park on Friday - Sunday. My footwork still kind of sucks, but it was beautiful to be out there and I made it all the way up everything I toproped, though the one WI5 really kicked my butt in the process (yelled Take! two or three times per lap )

    We even saw an amputee (leg) ice climbing. The first two days the weather was rather warm (got into the 40's F) so the snow & cold front on the last day was kind of welcome .. just to the left of the last pic we saw a huge curtain of ice detach and crash into the river earlier in the day.

    Some more pics here. I didn't manage to catch any actions shots of myself or my climbing partner (too busy belaying) but I think he took some (apparently taking climbing shots is easier when belaying with a gri-gri )

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    Rhyang - great photos - I am happy for you to have been in good old Ouray. I dug the pictures, especially Popsicle and the views from the bridges. Great lines. Aahhhh, the good old days. Did the amputee only have one crampon? (I hope this isn't a dumb question - he could be using a prosthesis).
    Did you hit the Ouray hot springs pool?
    I have been continuing on with nordic sitskiing, upright nordic skiing, snow shoeing, and crutch walking with my dog. Just did a 3.5 hour snowshoe by myself. It was 2 degrees F at 8am in Truckee this am. Burr. Did 2 toastie toe chemical warmers on my bad leg plus polarguard pants. Truckee has gotten good snow yesterday and we are in a good storm track. Finally.
    So last week I did 17 hours of aerobic stuff. A big week. I am not posting each workout cause they are beginning to be the same - Groundhog day - works for me depending on the day of course!
    I added up the sitski mileage so far this season and it is over 200 miles of double poling.
    I have 25 'ski' days in so far - looking like a good season.
    Well that is my story....
    have a good day !

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