Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    hey feisty ! No need for Alpine scenery shots. Glad you are working out on the other side of the hill from me. Keep it up and start posting what your doing.

    Today - nordic sitski in am. 17.6 miles.

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    Good job, feisty! No need to wait for Alpine anything.

    I haven't been posting, either, because I don't do Alpine anything, and it's been kind of hard to get out on the handcycle, what with all that pesky snow and ice.

    I have been getting some racing wheelchair trainer time in, but that's unbelievably boring.

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    Today at the job site (inside large commercial building) using my hiking sticks to work my way to the center of the room. I looked down at the blue print of the cubicles to be built and without thinking long enough, I went to a knee than sat by the plans. I'm sitting in the middle of 10,00 sqf of carpet and the nearest wall to drag my ass up off the floor is a mile away.

    I'm sure I've gotten up off the floor in the gym, oh yea I always seem to use a weight machine of some sort. I'm not going to baby crawl in front of a dozen other contractors to pull myself up a wall. No, I proceed to look like a new born giraffe with my hiking sticks collapsing slowly under the weight of me pulling myself up to a spastic stance.

    One of the hardest 3 minute workouts I've had so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gvinton View Post
    Likely have a torn rotator cuff...

    I've been trying to work out around this but it sucks! Can't even sleep on my right side. If I have surgery I'm probably done for 6 months. What to do...?
    I would suggest walking, ride a bike if you can and as part of rehab, swim.

    I had my shoulder done in 2009 and the pain before surgery was much more of a set back than the pain post op.

    You are pretty mobile, just keep moving. Best of luck with the surgery.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Back from two weeks of working on our desert house, some paddling, fishing and four one-off rides. Doing shorter desert rides {2-2.5hrs} to keep the shoulders happy. The red rock is harder to ride, more ledgy "power moves" then the forest.

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    I started working out 5 weeks ago again and using my standing frame. I had way to many months of saying " tomorrow I will start ". I am now in full swing and look forward to exhausting myself. This thread is an inspiration !!

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    Nice work Mikek!

    Yesterdays' downhill skiing wipped me and today I feel new trunk muscles!!

    More rehab needed!

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    aweseome sitski
    C5 with no grip/wrist ext. or triceps
    (DHAL) If you think you can, you will

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    Yesterday - nordic sitski with Mark Wellman 25 miles (40Km).
    Today - nordic sitski with Mark Wellman and my Urologist 15 miles (24 Km). Clearly, super fast conditions (old frozen snow at 30 degrees).
    Storm on its way to the Sierras and I will have a bunch of days to rest up while the wind howls and it snows more. Then it will be back to more work and less mileage. It's all good though.

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    Went 2 hours of quadding
    Was good for the soul

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