Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    1.5 hrs today on the SciFit......bout time for a day off, but I am really enjoying exercising and it's pretty much a habit at this point! Finally, I have a good habit!
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    Nice McLovin and others.

    Go Larry. That is so cool that exercise has become a habit for you. Just think if you keep it up for a year! Are you getting your diet under control (portion control, no food after 7pm, going to bed hungry, low fat choices, pushing raw or cooked veggies with no sauce, fruit, minimal starch (bread, rice, potatoes, cereal) ?

    I went nordic sitskiing for 2 hours today. Easy pace with a newbie who I am trying to get into the sport. In the summer, he kills me on the handcycle so this is payback time for me.

    I'm trying to lose 4 lbs to see if I can drop my systolic bp without having to take meds. It is starting to creep up - I attribute it to the 2 C's - chronic pain and cappuccinos. Sorry for the digression.

    Here is a photo this morning left to right- Mark Wellman, the newbie (John), and me

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    really liked this shot of my friends.....

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    I haven't made time to post, but I have been putting in the time working out. 1 hour with weights on Tues., 45 minutes spinning Wednesday, 1 hr. weights Thursday, 1 hr spinning Friday, and 1 hr lifting weights today. Looks like everyone is in fifth gear. Love the pics Arndog!

    I don't know about you guys, but I am ready to watch the Paralympics!
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    three 12 minute pushes in the gym in rugby chair around the outline of the basketball court.

    1 minutes intervals, 90% push 1 minute, 50% the next, then 90% push and so on.

    1st 12 - 34 laps
    2nd 12 - 34 1/2 laps
    3rd 12 - 34 laps
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    two weeks of crutching, beach walking & kayaking. it kicked ass. i'l put a blog link in the "travel" section. - Garro.

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    WOW - Awesome photo!

    I survived the training weekend - 90km round trip on Saturday including almost 1500m of climbing (and descending ). (BTW this isn't me - I'm taking the photo)
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    Just for 'fun' we added a little tack-on up 'the wall', about 400m long, straight up at about 18%. I couldn't go straight up it but managed to tack my way from side to side and made it. Coming down was fun.. 80km/hr!

    Sunday managed a 30km recovery ride and some flat track sprinting games in between rain and Monday did 80km including the 15 km descent and climb - average of ~12% gradient, peaking at 22% (ouchies!!!!!). This is looking out over the valley before the descent.
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    Had a massage last night and actually had a slightly tight hammie on my 'bad' leg so it must have done something over the weekend.

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    walked in my braces about 450' in 1 hr shees i can/t believe how hard that is but dang feel

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    Went to the gym, biked on the recumbent for 10 whole minutes (!!), worked out with weights.

    10 mile handcycle ride after lunch - beautiful day today, upper 50s, snow coming in the next couple of days.

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    Last weekend - I joined a group called Gimps on Ice. These are mostly amputees but there was one complete T5 and a walking incomplete who joined them. We spent the weekend climbing waterfall ice and trying to work out ways that folks with disabilities could participate. Here is a shot of the T5 para ascending a rope line in winter conditions and the far climber in the green shirt is me. I am so sore from my little effort that I have taken the past 3 days off working out. I am just too sore. I don't have enough hip flexion to really do this.... But it was great to be there.

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