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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    I did not so much exercise today, more doing the kitchen ready for a big dive.

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    Well, after not feeling well for several days, it was back to the pool tonight for 1 hour....stretching, PT routine, laps
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    I am glad you got to the pool Danine....
    Today and Yesterday - rest days. I have relatives in town and am too busy entertaining to be working out. It is okay, I tend to over train and forced breaks are probably good. But I feel like sh_t when I don't exercise. I ache and have more pain from not exercising. I know this has been mentioned on other threads. I think I need the endorphins that exercise provides and with out it , I tend to hit the pain meds....
    Jan 3rd - Life will settle down and I can get on with skiing, snowshoeing and such....

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    I've been doing the pull ups/chin ups every morning before I leave the house.
    The thing I notice or feel like is the quick build up of lactic acid.
    I can do 16 (currently) in a row, or several sets of 10.

    The bar is almost as high as the door frame, so I have to really stretch to reach it with one hand. My only issue is my chair possibly rolling away (I'm one of those no-brakes guys).
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    Monday was legs. Did squats for the first time, very carefully with a spot,in the safety rack and kept my form as perfect as possible along with using a belt. Managed 205 for reps of 5. Then the usual hacks, extensions and thigh curl.

    Yesterday was shoulders. Militaries, up to 6 reps at 125, free weight, then laterals, fronts and bentovers, standing row and dips.

    today is back- stiff leggeds, pulldowns, seated rows, shrugs.

    tomorrow do some ab work and a walk if my joints are acting right. Also our Triathlon club is having their polar bear swim.



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    -worked on climbing steps in physio - I am getting better at up but can't seem to master down
    -45 min strength training on nautalis machines
    -10 min walking on treadmill - speed 0.15

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    Well i've just done a quick workout in my garage, I normally go to the gym but as it's -4C here I couldn't be bothered with all the de-icing on my car. I've got most things I need in there but it's still not the same as the gym though.

    I did back, tri's and Traps.
    Back- lat pull down- 15kg warm up of 2 sets of 8reps
    -then 40kg 2 sets of 6
    Single arm Rows - 20kg 2 sets of 6

    Triceps- Overhead - 20kg 2 sets of 12 and 1 set of 6

    Traps- Shrugs- 20kg 3 sets of 12 and one set of 15 with 10kg

    Was getting peed off with my chair though getting in the way. Balance was another issue, brakes don't work LOL But certainly feel better now and warm
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    I did bike for almost 45min set at 7mph can't remember how many miles maybe 6, Some triceps and 'biceps(laying in bed) by hooking my arms under my legs and lifting 3 set of 15 on both arms yes i got some burns feels great. I am going to step up workout in 2009 getting into gym. Hopefully they have some equipment i can use i will love that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    rhyang - I recognized that view of Mt. Rose for sure - looks like mid winter conditions. That is cool that you are strong enough to snowshoe and carry a pack with winter camping stuff.
    I guess I could pull a sled with a waist strap .
    I got some super light snowshoes - northern lites
    The shots are inspiring to me, and make me want to get out to the backcountry. Thanks...
    re: strength - I bet you will surprise yourself !

    I've seen some northern lites - really lightweight. I like the MSR's personally .. the lightning ascents work well for me. My first snowshoes were denali ascents, still have them as daytrip / loaner shoes.

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    Rhyang - you should include a photo like this to show the group what you did the other day. This was shot in the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia during a 10 day traverse of the range... Ah, the pre-sci days...... Have a great new years everyone and we all need to step it up in 2009 !

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