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    Okay, back to what workout did you do today.... I did not huddle in my bed worrying that I will overuse my body and when I am ninety I will not be able to stand up. I went for a solo Snowshoe Crutch hike - 4 hours by myself in the beauty of the winter alpine environment which , as Garro says, makes all this still worth living.
    I follow this ridge right from Mt. Rose summit at 8900 ft. Topped out at 9900 ft.

    Oh, yesterday, nordic sitskiing - 21 miles, 3 hours.

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    Hi arndog
    It was pouring out all day my arthritis was bothering me badly so I stayed in
    I stretched and did my thai chi / took it slow all day
    Tomorrow i'll make it back to the gymn
    Ty I love this tread

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    Kind knockedout lastnight but I did my execises

    30min handcycle

    12 rep and 5sets of each

    incline press
    Pull backs

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    sorry all, i didn't intend to sound like the voice of gloom on tuesday. i wrote you all a reply yesterday but it disappeared, my login expired....will try not to make that mistake again.
    i'm really very pro-exercise, but i know now from my experience that it is vital to allow a full rest interval after each workout session. the chemical reactions in the muscle tissue need to be able to complete the cycle through the point of flushing out the chemical byproducts of muscle work to stay at peak efficiency and health. don't burn out early, is my message.
    my sci was at age fourteen in '70. after i was walking one year post, my dr. and PTs told me i was recovered and just to resume my normal activities. i still couldn't run, which they didn't understand, because i had the strength and good function, but i just didn't have the balance or coordination to run-- it's even more complex than walking.
    in college i experienced intense fatigue from walking around campus carrying heavy books, but i assumed ( since i was recovered, right?) that i was being lazy and pushed myself harder...i was not the brightest student of cause/result, i assure you. ; ) anyway, yes, arndog, i would still have done most everything i did do, but i would have rested more in between exertions and would have tried to figure out how to better outsmart the way my body adapted over time to my particular deficits. for instance, my left side is weaker throughout, i have a foot drop on left, so when walking, i hiked up my left hip to swing the leg through...over time, the muscles on left shortened and pulled my pelvis higher on left side. i wish i'd worked harder to maintain a more normal skeletal alignment through stretching and massage.
    i am all for everyone exercising regularly and getting a variety of exercise...avoiding repetitive or overuse injuries and enjoying it fully....that's a big part of the equation, too.
    sorry about the no caps, but am working around a shoulder problem.
    i did 70 minutes of poolwalking this morning,to get back to the original thread....

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    Crashbang; you will succedd; I try everyday to get to where you are; it's going to take more than I can provice.
    Anyway, hopefully we both will be candidates for some therapy in the near future.


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    Thanks for your response , Crashbang. Don't worry, you can't slow this 'runaway train' down. I agree with you about being smart about exercise. Especially when we are all working are arms - they need recovery and were not made to do the things that we ask them to do. For me rest has been the hardest part of working out. I hate the "R" word. We used to joke that you can rest when you die...
    That is good that you walked in the pool for 70 minutes. I look forward to more of your posts....

    Today - I nordic sitskied 2 hours this morning. 17th time this season. By sitskiing, I rest my legs that get beat up from crutch walking. They are complimentary.

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    Today - pointed my finger.

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    15 minutes recumbant bike
    15 minutes walking, long leg braces.

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    Index finger is caput (since 09), still fighthed for the cure.

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    30 minutes Sci Fit, got my heart rate up to 175 at one point.....
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