Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    I am really getting into these sport crutches that I am testing from They have a shock absorption in the shaft and interchangeable feet for walking in sand or snowshoeing.

    Small video of recent crutch hike - It is too long 7 minutes, I need to edit it more so just fast forward when necessary.

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    Did my strength trainin g routine again - pushed harder and was so sore I almost didn't do my cardio but after supper dragged the kids downstairs and got in half an hour on the arm bike.
    Frustrated as I gained last week despite eating well for the most part - maybe bloating I hope lol. We will see next week.
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    DO NOT CUT DOWN THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont make me come across the country and holler at ya!....seriously, Jon...that was the best damn video yet, cuz it helped give me a ton of ideas on how to do stuff. This is by far the best educational vid yet. Though you have tons more movement and strength in the legs, how you handled the sticks and adjusted to the varying grades of the slopes were awesome. You yahoo-ers who hike, bike, kayak/canoe,and ski, keep posting the pics and vids...not only are they groovy to see, but also very helpful with techniques that others can try and modify to help get outdoors. Thanks to all for the help and tips. This is the best.......

    One more thing......the exercising thats been going on......jus shows we are all badasses. SCI may have messed us up, but it aint took away our grit!
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    Loved the video !!

    It poured pretty much all last week, so I've mostly been going to the gym, but I got out on Saturday and hiked up Mt. Diablo (3849') from Mitchell Canyon .. there were a few sprinkles and still some slushy snow above ~3000' -

    Somewhat unusual in the bay area, but it happens a few times a year at the higher elevations. Managed about 13 miles and 3500' elevation gain.

    Next week planning to head for the ice park in Ouray .. crossing my fingers it won't be too cold !

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    Awesome Video!!!

    I did an hour on the Vita yesterday and today. Today was the first time I used my heart rate monitor and got up to 154 if I did my calculations correctly (220-39 = 181 Max heart rate) then (181 x 55% = 99.55 low end of heart rate while exercising) then (181 x 90% = 162.9 BPM high end)......I did pretty good right??
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    graybeard, rhyang, Larry, - glad you liked the video.

    Larry - 154 bpm is a great rate for you to try to sustain for an hour. Great job.
    RHyang - the top picture is very cool. The valley is so green. Hey, it turns out that I am going to "Gimps on Ice" in Ouray this year with these new sport crutches, to have people there try them out in the snow. I hope to get on the ice too. I need to talk to you about that sometime. Maybe if this storm cycle ever ends, we need to go slowshoeing sometime. Right before the storm, I snowshoed up Castle Peak.

    Today - 2.5 hour Crutch snowshoe - 4 inches of wet dense new snow - this photo isn't from today, but that is lake tahoe in the distance covered with fog. Desolation Wilderness in the background. Here are these new crutches with the giant ski baskets in action.

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    South Side of the Potomac ..... IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER

    Cranking over concrete

    It was cold out and I found the remnant of a beavers work:
    Attachment 33803

    On the return trip I heard what sounded like a dude in work boots walking through Cheetos I could only guess it was this:
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    Spent an hour on the bike yesterday and hour with the weights today. We are badasses!
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    3, 4 minute threshold efforts on the bike this morning (so for me that is trying to get my HR over 165ish - my max is around 185, cadence of 100+). I can easily get up over 170 climbing, but its hard to push that hard at fast cadence on the flat. I ride for about 20-30 minutes before the efforts and do a 1:2 work:rest so 4 minutes on, 8 minutes active recovery (around 130-140 HR).

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    I did 45 minutes on the Vitaglide last night, ran out of strength and energy. Don't think I got enough calories.....
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