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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunwawry View Post
    And thanks bunches to you, too, DeadEye. I spent some time going over their website and it looks really, really cool. I am positive that between the ski-bras (yep, not being able to keep my skis from flying every which direction was definitely a concern) and a couple of outriggers to aid in balance (new terms for me, that's for sure) I can nail this sport again. And fortunately, even if I do fall, and I am sure I will, snow is nice and cushy. I already filled out my application and sent it along, including a mention that "Crash" had turned me on to the place. They won't hold that against me now, will they?
    No Laura, Z will get a kick out of it. I served on their board of directors for 5 years and know them all well. They are a great group, and professionally trained. Z introduced an interesting concept of using his high school students as trainers and helpers, and they're a fantastic group of young people. I can assure you that you'll have a blast.

    And just for fun, get Z to show you where I dragged my instructor Sam down thru the woods coming down Big Acorn thus earning my nickname "Crash".

    Keep us posted on how it works out for you.
    "It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

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    Exactly who is "Z"? Is that Michael Zuckerman?

    I hope ya know I was kidding about holding the referral from you against me. Hey, on the board for five years, I am impressed! If this works out for me, I'm thinking I would be interested in eventually becoming a mentor, if the three hour drive isn't too much of an issue. I believe in giving back that which one has received, and have done quite a bit of volunteering in all kinds of arenas.

    I am really excited about this. Do you think they will be able to fit me in this winter? I mean, finally, I may have found a sport I can participate in that I will enjoy doing. I used to ride and train horses (which is how I suffered my SCI, young crazy horse, 10 days after Reeves' accident, and was initially in the same shape as he was, except I was never on a vent, but at C3/C4, I was told I should have needed one and it was a mystery why I didn't), have tried that but can't handle much more than a walk before I start losing my balance. Considering I was a pretty accomplished equestrian pre-SCI, being relegated to beginner skill levels on a horse is too discouraging, riding horses was my life-long passion (and kept me sane...... well, as sane as I ever am, LOL..... when the rest of my life was a mess), it brings up too many complicated emotions. I also was a good tennis player but it is hard to play tennis when you can't run and you lose your balance trying to hit the ball, unless the ball comes right to you and you have plenty of time to get yourself grounded. Logistically just isn't gonna happen. Skiing was the third sport I participated in that I enjoyed pre-SCI, and I am sure I can handle it if I don't ski as well as I used to, I won't be bringing the same emotional muck to the table (as with horses). I had always been active in at least a couple of different sports, and kept myself fit that way, never enjoying activities like working out at the gym where one is does them just for the sake of fitness. I swim now, and sometimes go to the weight room, because I have to do something, but I don't enjoy it. I have been feeling like all the fun forms of exercise had been yanked away from me. I can't tell how indebted I will feel towards you if I get one of them back. And as long as they are willing to take me on, I am very optimistic that this is going to happen!

    I have a friend coming into town to stay with me for New Year's weekend from Florida. I asked him if he wanted to go up there and check the place out with me. He doesn't ski (able-bodied, but not the athletic type, and with my swimming of about 1/2 mile/day, I think I may be more fit than he is) but I figure we can both snow-tube if nothing else, right? I've never done that before either but I figure how much ability can it take to sit in an inner tube? It sounds like a blast, they say on their website you reach speeds of 25-40 mph. As long as there aren't any trees around, figure not too much can go wrong. Am I missing something here?

    I am anxiously awaiting to hear back from them. Thank you so much!!!!

    P.S. Just got a call from Caroline. I have all-day instruction set up with Stephen for next Saturday. I can't believe I am really going skiing!

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    I've been pretty faithfully riding my StimMaster Galaxy every other day for 50 minutes (peak resistance: 6.0 Kp) but less successfully maintaining a schedule at my gym to lift weights.

    Will be going skiing with my wife and son in Bromley, VT for the first time post-injury later this week. The outing is part of an SCI expedition organized by Mt. Sinai in NYC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Now that I had a surgery that corrected my kyphosis and I am super fused in an upright position, I am going to try stand up nordic again and include snowshoeing which is stable , can't fall, can go off trail into the woods, maybe this is what we should all be doing....
    Feels strange to start a snowshoeing stoke with a skier, but here goes .. headed down to Sequoia National Park over the weekend and went snow-camping. Started from Wolverton (7200'), headed up to Panther Gap (8500'), broke trail most of the way (didn't want to mess up the skiers' tracks) -

    In the meadow below the gap I was breaking trail entirely - nobody had been up to the gap since the Christmas Day storm I guess -

    Sunny and warm at 8500' -

    I headed up to 9000' on the ridge and snow-camped. In the morning I continued up to a little bump on the ridge (peak 10561') about a mile west of Alta Peak, which had some nice views -

    The snow was either wet & soft or deep & powdery - very slow going, and I was breathing hard (hadn't been at altitude since September). The return was much faster.

    Here's a shot from Jan 2004 from the top of Rose Peak - we snowshoed up from Tahoe Meadows (long day) - I know you will recognize the view Jon

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    Got myself one of those pull up bars for the doorway. I'm apparently out of shape
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    I used Therabands every other day (thx for the tip Forestranger) when I was away from home last week.

    Yesterday I lifted weights for half an hour and chair danced another 30 minutes.

    Life is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rbrauer View Post
    Got myself one of those pull up bars for the doorway. I'm apparently out of shape
    They're awesome aren't they? I got an Iron Gym about a month ago and I notice a big difference. I can do close to 10 pullups and 10 chinups. I do them 3 times and I'm done. I have to use 3 seat cushions to put me high enough to be able to grab it. lol

    Today I'll just use my new NMES unit on hamstrings and quads. Maybe have enough time to do my Tibialis Anteriors.

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    rhyang - I recognized that view of Mt. Rose for sure - looks like mid winter conditions. That is cool that you are strong enough to snowshoe and carry a pack with winter camping stuff.
    I guess I could pull a sled with a waist strap .
    I got some super light snowshoes - northern lites
    The shots are inspiring to me, and make me want to get out to the backcountry. Thanks...

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    This is very inspiring. I am pretty lucky I can do most things but I sense the common theme here is to take whatever you have and make the most of it. I thought my golfing days were over. To 'proud' to use a cart but to gimpy to walk 18 holes - 9 holes is a real struggle. Yesterday I went out and gave it a go - walked the first 9, carted the second 9. Basically swing on one leg (lucky for me good leg is the front leg) - good on the flats but need to figure out the balance issue on uphills, downhills and sidehills. And when I get everything right I can still hit the ball as far as I used to (just proves its all in the timing!) - need to do more stretching though as feeling a bit worse for wear today :-(

    Love the backcountry shots - stunning country!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Hi Jessie,
    Good job with shoveling.
    I have a question for you. I looked at a picture of the DP AirGometer and it is a traditional bike seat, non recumbent. Do you have problems sitting on that? I would worry about skin breakdown and getting the neuropathic pain fired up. So I tend to prefer recumbent seating with some of my weight being taken by my back and not just my derrier.
    Were you okay with that seat?
    I had to put a cover over the seat to make it a bit more cushy to sit on, but otherwise, I have had no problems with sores from the seat nor have I had balance problems on it.


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