Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    The bronze is under his THUMB, finishing weld joints is almost as important as the connection it self. Metal work is some times WORK. I'm waiting for the X-ray inspection to view completeness of the labor.
    it's ALWAYS work!!!!! hard shit, yo. you seem to know about X-rays of my joints but i have done lots of destructive testing......they are solid. my dad was a boiler welder & my granddad welded carnival rides like the tilt-a-whorl for over 40yrs.......their stuff got X-rayed, is an un-filed fillet.

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    and the finished product........

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    and the big picture. i still love, it pays well!

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    1 hour Vitaglide!
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    Nice shots Steve and Jon ! Glad to hear everyone else is getting after it

    Puncture wound is healing up decently. Climbed & bouldered in the gym 3 times last week. Went hiking and mountain-biking too : 31 miles / 5000' total.

    Jon, here's what is coming your way

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve garro View Post
    it is super thin wall - .6mm - .9mm.......can't TIG without being able to use a foot pedal well - you *can* get a hand control TIG torch but they are notoriously finicky. Al Berg builds frames in a chair in BC, Canada using TIG. i heard it was quite the learing curve from him & our mutual, i am considered one of the best fillet brazers in the USA almost one year backlog on frames!
    That is some thin stuff. I use a tig but mostly weld no thinner than .060. Mostly building offroad cars and roll cages. I use a hand amptrol which really isn't bad but isn't a perfect situation either, especially out of position welds from a wheelchair but I've gotten used to it. Definitely nice looking brazes! Sorry for getting off-topic.

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    New Vitaglide is kickin' my butt. I thought I would do good sessions on lowest level, yeah right. I'm only good for a couple minutes at a time.

    Damn I'm outta shape.
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    HIT cardio for about an hour today..finally got my HR to 100!

    Weights and light cardio tomorrow..
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    Spent an hour spinning at a higher cadence. My HR is slowly creeping up I stayed over 100 and spent 10 minutes above 120. I'm getting there slowly.
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    Gear cranking

    I was spending some well needed time cleaning out the cobwebs on the local bike trail until I saw this:

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