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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Good job Jon !

    I haven't been back to Ouray for 3 years. Some pics from that trip -

    Rappelling into the canyon was definitely fun

    The Skylight area was highly recommended to me .. one of these years I'll have to get on the multipitch stuff there, but this trip I'm just going to work on toproping WI4's in the ice park and see if I'm still up for it .. Lee Vining Canyon has been sparse this year except for Chouinard Falls (all WI3). Supposedly Edison fixed the leaks in the pipeline

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    Great mountaineering, but be careful on that last photo climbing you will not shit in you’re paints, will not look good. As SCIed I mean

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    Great ice shots. Thanks, 'bro.

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    20min treadmill
    strength training - legs and upper body on nautalis machines
    20min elliptical
    20min recumbant bike
    balance + core exercises

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    Wed - 40 min cardio (treadmill), ab work, more cardio shoveling sleet off the front porch and walk.

    Last night, upper and mid back, passed on dead lifts since i was still sore from shoveling.

    rest today, chest/tri's tomorrow.

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    1 hour Stand up Cross Country skiing with climbing skins on for stability. This is at a groomed nordic trail system. It was great ! 2.5 miles 2.6mph avg speed.
    1'45'' sitskiing (nordic) with a new CC member, throslikagirl ( a very good friend of mine - I am glad she is joining CC too.)
    2.5 hr slowshoe up 1200 ft peak avg hr 145 while climbing....
    Really big wonderful day. I am cooked well done.... 5 hours effort....

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    Nice work you guys !!

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    Sounds great Arndog, not sure about snow shovelling though - that just sounds like plain hard work!

    Two hours of sprint training this morning on the velodrome and getting close to posting a competitive time. Rest of the day spent at uni trying to write (PhD thesis) in the airconditioning escaping the 40+C heat (thats about 105F I think).

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    20 min on hand cycle at gym, 10 min ea, ab mach, and back mach. 10 min leg /knee exercise(presses). then home and 15 min of walking?(sorta) in walker with one brace on. Whew, last one was the hardest.

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