Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Here's the latest MFlounlacker posting on Facebook: "Things continue to progress Legs are stronger and stronger as they prepare me to walk. After what I consider a reverse pep talk by my doctor and some prayer yesterday I was able to move my hands better than ever. Last night I began moving my right wrist. Maybe my motivation is increased when people doubt me. I guess I need to thank the doctor. Today I was able to use my hand to complete a cone stacking exercise. Which was huge step forward. I will keep you posted as thing move along. Looking forward to seeing my wife tomorrow on our 22nd wedding anniversary... cannot what!!!! Attitude and effort will get me where I need to go. High Fives!!!!"
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    Revis, thank you for the continued posts from Mark. I think of him all the time and fervently hope for a miraculous recovery. It sounds like things are going well but we all know the journey that's ahead for him....and he does, too. If anyone can stay positive and put their all into recovery, he sure can.

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    Nice to read that MFlounlacker is getting some good return. Thanks Revis for the updates.

    Went on a nice four hour benefit ride down the coast a bit, with some friends.

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    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    Got out for a beautiful 3hr ride in what is now fall - was frankly feeling whipped with work & all

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    I entered a half marathon and realised that it is only three weekends away so I went on the racing chair for the first time in nearly a year this weekend. One gentle six miler and one flat out ten miler. Those chairs aren't made for up-hill but the downhill is fast.

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    Three more hours of single track on the one-off = pics to come, fall is upon us.

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    Our local adaptive program held a off-road handcycle camp two weeks ago.
    We were out for four days of riding on the local trails and also in the Stanley Basin area.
    A lot of fun with a good group of people! Need to heal up quick......Moab Mania outing is in a week!
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Size:  987.7 KB Two things that Reno does't have - pouring rain and waterfalls. Sea kayaking out of Seward, Alaska in Resurrection Bay. Did 24 miles that day in the pouring rain. It was a memorable and magical day. Now back in Reno working hard, resting sore paddling muscles. Wil see Steve Garro and his better half in one week in Flagstaff before another Grand Canyon River october - exercise- will be trying to row as much as I can.

    Good job everyone!.

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    It was glorious out, see you soon, JA.

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