Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    The picture of your girlfriend is the prettiest picture you've posted. Good job.
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    That ain't no GF. That is the MRS. Garro is one lucky cat.

    I just got back yesterday from Sea Kayaking the Sacramento River - Redding Ca to Chico Ca . Class one rapids which were a blast in a 17 ft sea kayak. Just point down river and power it through. Did 61 river miles day one - nine hours paddle. Camped on the river's edge. Current varied from 2 mph to 9 mph. Next day did 39 miles by noon. That is 100 miles in 1.5 long hard days. My hip flexors were so weak I was hardly able to sit up but me and an AB friend were psyched to get the 100 miles of river in. This was one of the harder things I've done as a crip. He helped a lot getting stuff from the car to the boat as well as the boat to the car at the end. I kept the Fetterman crutches in the hatch due to the white water. It is hard paddling without any contact with foot pegs - it is all upper body. I was glad my AB friend admitted he was tired afterwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    That ain't no GF. That is the MRS. Garro is one lucky cat.

    It is hard paddling without any contact with foot pegs - it is all upper body. I was glad my AB friend admitted he was tired afterwards.
    Hell yeah, she's my better 2/3rds!

    Did I show you what I did with my single kayak, where I put in the diamond plate foot plate?
    It mounts to the pegs and provides a kayak-wide foot platform with plenty of purchase & low weight.
    You go with Glen?
    Me & D. could rock that in the big-ass tandem…...

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    Our local Adaptive Sports Program is starting up their weekly mountain bike rides again this season.
    We went back out to the Forbidden Fruit trail for the first ride. Brought along my helmet cam this time.
    Pat D. drove up and rode with us. Pat's always a blast to have around!
    Could have done without the half hour long down pour but, other than that it was a great time!

    Hope the group is healed up and getting to the outdoors!
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    Jett great to see that you are putting your new system to good use, way to go. It really looks like you are moving fast, going up the hill part. I think you made the right chose buying a real solid system, it looks like a lot less work and more reliable then the DIY kind.

    I rode for 5 hours today, and I'm really spent. I have been doing a lot of work around my house, which is a great workout for the trunk muscles. Greasing my backhoe in a wheel chair is no small task that's for sure.
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    Now that coaching is done I am getting my groove back. Water temps are 60's so surfing is getting back into my routine. We had a pretty nice swell here in MD early in the week. I traveled to the Jersey shore for a hurricane shutter job and lucked into quality surf up there too. Wheelchair lacrosse yesterday. Today is relax at the beach day. Surf was flat but the weather is great. Been riding a few times the last couple weeks and starting to get my legs back.

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    I did the Longmont Triathlon last week, pretty much without any training, which was interesting. If you have the choice between doing a triathlon trained or untrained, I'd advise trained. But the other wheeler in the race and I decided to just make it a fun workout together, and we finished 1,2 with 4 seconds time between us. Yesterday I did a 10k, and it wasn't too bad.

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    When out with the folks from Club Ride for a photo shoot a few weeks ago with my Bomber handcycle.
    They are a bicycle clothing manufacturer with their headquarters based out of Ketchum ID.
    They were gracious enough to include me in their Spring/Summer 2015 catalog.
    I probably still need to keep my day job but, it’s fun to experience new things. See page 10.
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    And we can say we knew you when! :-)

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