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    MFlounlacker, I know what you mean. The question of whether to maintain muscle tone but risk wearing yourself to exhaustion is there for me, too. I still use hiking poles for mobility and it works pretty well for me. However, some days, I need to cross and re-cross my large work building many times. If I need to cart computer equipment, I use my walker. At home, I get around, unaided. I hate to give up any of the mobiliity I've gained, especially since I've seen how easily a person with SCI can lose that gain. However, sometimes I need an additional assist. It's a matter of determining when you are contributing to your strength with lighter aids, or none at all....and when you're doing damage by wearing yourself out. Good luck figuring that one out.

    Today, we planted our annuals. We have a new puppy in the household, so between the contortions of planting and getting up and down to check on the little dog and help her get her lead untangled, I was bushed by 2pm. Had to come inside and sit for awhile...and consume some Cheetos. I had a few moments of sheer frustration with SCI....until a neighbor came by and told me I'd gotten more done than she'd managed and she isn't encumbered by an injury. That's good thing to remember. I still expect the same things of myself as I did before but with a fraction of the strength. Still, I manage to pull it off. I need to learn to go easier with my expectations. It's just dumb to think I can continue at this pace and keep up with the ABs. It's a head game more than a physical game and something I still need to make peace with.

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    Jett what kind of e power did you get? Man I just love my e-powered hand cycle. I can go for a 2.5 hour ride and come home and still do stuff, plus I'm keeping up with my AB friends.
    Truly we went of a 4 hour ride a while back. When I got home I was really tired for the rest of the day. And was still a little tired the next day, thinking man I'm getting old. Today my friends were talking about how tired they were after that long ride, even tired the day after. That makes a person feel good. You know it's not a competition, so its ok to poke along. But I guess that is not in are nature, but something we need to learn.
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    I can't believe what a work out sitting on my surf board is. It must flex butt muscles that are weak. After surfing my legs are juiced. The day after is the worst. My hip flexors and abductors are sore after each session. After surfing yesterday I was up and down stairs all day. Felt like I was climbing Everest. I am cooked.

    Truly it is always a fine line we walk. It appears that I have enough energy to work hard and play on the weekend. In order to squeeze in rehab or the gym during the week. I may have to stay in the office more.

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    Flying, It's a kit that comes from Germany. The manufacturer is BMZ, GO_Swiss drive.
    Pete's electric out of Boulder is the dealer we went through.
    BionX was the other system I was considering.
    Hopefully I made the right choice.
    Battery - 36V, 15.3Ahr
    Motor - 500W
    It has a torque sensor that measures the riders input and amplifies the power to the rear wheel.

    The attached picture shows it mocked up on one of ReActive Adaptations demo bikes.
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    Wish u had a go pro on that ride so we could see the trail.

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    Jett - that looks really cool. Makes sense tp have that power - still go hard and get the exercise but actually go a little further. I would be all over that system you have got going. Wish I had that for nordic skiing - instead of the slow grind. I am okay with kayak speed since I can go at least as fast as most non athletic ABs and maybe 50% of athletic ones my age ( I barely can say it cause I don't mentally feel it - 58 y/o).
    Dan F - who went faster … you or that turtle? Just a joke, sort of. But that is all I could think of when I saw the turtle. That is about as fast as we go.
    I am back paddling again.
    Later this week doing a two day trip down the Sacramento River south of Redding. Semi urban and way to hot for me - in the 90's - I will melt. Got an AB friend going and Wellman is going as well.

    Truly - you are so full of wisdom about working out, fatigue, just getting stuff done, the brutal fatigue at the end of a day before even trying to exercise. I don't have any answers. I keep trying to hold on to some of it. You young ones - Flounacker - good luck - just don't have huge expectations about getting stronger. You may get a little stronger and a lot more smarter ( triple positive) but I plateaued.

    Will check in after the Sac River paddle later this week… Nice going , y'all !

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    Jett cool system, your shoulders will love you for it. So you went all fancy and integrated, looks neat. So how do you like the torque sensor? That seems like a great system for on the trail where it would really be a pain to adjust the throttle. Those lithium ion battery's last a hell of a long time. Mine have 4 years and who knows how many cycles on them, but at least 500. So glad you joined the E-cycle world. How does it work at supper low speeds on the trail.

    Sure looks neat compared to mine. My system is old motor, hand laced with home made 3 inch spokes, uncontained, loose battery's in ammo boxes, in a home made wood and aluminum trailer, hooked on to my bike with door hinges, with wires and black tape every where. But its a little rocket with a 700W motor, and 20 Ahr 48 volt battery's, which is way more then a person really needs.
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    Arndog- I don't really think I am expecting to get too much stronger. Most of my work outs are more balance related. This is more of an energy problem for me I guess. I don't want to work out just for the sake of working out. I like to do too much stuff on the weekends to wear myself out maxing out on weights in the gym during the week. What good is strength if all you do is lift weights anyway. I guess we all face the choice. Live or rehab. I could always strike a balance, but now with doing more and more at work, that balance is getting harder to find. Time for a bike ride.

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    Name:  IMG_4232.JPG
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Size:  160.5 KBI got out fishing, biking and paddling on a few days outing on the Mogollon Rim of AZ.

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Size:  184.0 KBTrails good too, I have to totally strip down my hand cycle, it's just shot, all of it.

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