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    I got pissed off and rode 22ish miles into a 15 mph headwind on my track-bike in the middle of the night and had to get rescued since I had no idea how to get back from where I ended up. At least I'm putting my impending one year paraversary angst to somewhat productive use...

    Arndog, your pictures make me miss the west coast a great deal. Do you think you could do half dome? It doesn't sound like its much harder than what you already did.
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    Glad to see everyone is doing the best with what they have, very impressive indeed.

    Truly so you can walk across the gym without holding on to anything, scary, but it must be a great feeling to be walking on your own.
    I think that is why I just love to ride my trike, its just the feeling of being able to move myself with my own two legs, even if it is pretty slow. I only go about 4 miles with some very small hills that I can just make it up in first gear, (7 MPH on the handcycle 5 gear) its a great way to see if one is getting any stronger. Have been able to make it up some more of the small dips with out helping with the hands. And of course the trip back down hill is a blast.
    The guy at the local bike shop called and said he had picked up a racing wheel chair for 40 dollars. Can't wait to get over to the bay to check it out. (For you California people that Coos Bay, not SF)
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    'Back in the day', I climbed the sheer face of Half Dome in '90 and then walked down the cable route. I guess I could climb the cable but not sure that would be a valuable goal at this point . I am happy repeating Clouds Rest and take a pad and a bag and sleep up there to get sunrise /sunset.

    Revis - I haven't had a linear 'recovery' over the past 10 years, it has been punctuated by many ass kicking downs and 8 surgeries where I lost all conditioning and had to start again with the Sysaphean task of regaining conditioning - always hard work. You live is such a beautiful area that it must be inspiring to get out there. The cold must be tough over the next 4 months up there.

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    Lift weights 5X/week. 23 exercises 3/sets 15/reps. This takes just short 2 hours. All kind of leg exercises from standing/ stretching, center of balance, more and more. Yes come end of Friday I am ready to fall over, but goal is to walk using only the 2 legs attached below my hips.

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    Hello, I read about most everyones workouts, i must say iam amazed. i am a little over 3years with tm and almost ayear and ahalf in a chair and the rest with a walker i am still getting stronger but just cant stand on my own longer then about 10 seconds. i work out in the gym 3 times a week on certain strengh machines and ride my spin bike on the days i dont go to the gym. i dont over do mabe thats my problem. it seems like its my balance that i am lacking. any one have any imput please. i have most all back except ankles i wear afo s. thanks

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    TM- Balance is a bitch. I am constantly trying to focus on my balance. My suggestion is to work those lower back muscles and your abs. I started by trying to touch my toes while sitting in my wheelchair. Reaching exercises are also good. You have to take the armrests off your chair and try to reach as far as you can on each side. As I got stronger I added weight and then I progressed to doing the exercises on my knees.

    RLM- Nice routine. My work out takes like 2 hours as well. I can only stomach it two days a week. I try to fit in crutch hiking, surfing, or biking in to break up the monotony the rest of the week.

    Solid surf this afternoon. Medium period wind swell so it wasn't too hard to get out there. Some good waves to be had. Surfed about an hour. Love it. I have started to wear a wetsuit now as the water and air temps are starting to drop. That has added an additional element. Not too bad getting it on but my feet get stuck getting it off. Pretty funny.

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    Still hand cycling. Really get pumped in the arms ...

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    My workout did NOT happen overnight. It took me quite a long time to "get things going." Not only physical, but also MENTAL. I had to convince myself it won't happen overnight. This has all been done with SportBlocks, TheraBands, my brain and my arms. The TheraBlocks I started with ZERO weight on them. Only the block itself. The weights gradually increased. All of the numbers including exercises increased. It was important to build the stamina. It is very important to build a consistant routine and don't give up. Do NOT expect to visually see things onvernight. It does not work like that.

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    Got back from four days of kayaking upstream on the Colorado River for our 11th anniversary - awesome!

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    I took a client through all these:
    - Prone: Gluteal Squeezes, Femur Rotations (heels together, heels apart)
    - Prone Hamstring Curls
    - Hip Flexion / Extension
    - Femur Rotations
    - Straight Leg Dorsiflexion w/ pressure up into hip, plantar flexion w/ release of pressure in hip
    - Straight Leg Hip Flexion / Extension
    - Straight Leg Abduction / Adduction
    - Straight Leg Hip Circles
    - Leg Extensions
    - Bent Knee Abduction / Adduction
    - Bent Knee Hip Circles
    - Bent Knee Hip Flexion into Single Leg Presses
    - Double Leg Presses
    - Double Leg Flutter Kicks
    - Double Leg Scissor Kicks
    - UPRIGHT SEATED (Ankle Movements could be done on vibration plate)
    - Hamstring Curls
    - Dorsiflexion/Plantar Flexion
    - Inversion/Eversion
    - Ankle Circles
    - Hip Tracking Sequence
    - Pillow Squeezes
    - Crunches Holding Squeeze
    - Hip Lifts holding squeeze (feet off floor 2in)
    - Bridges Holding Squeeze
    - Repeat Sequence with Strap around knees pressing outward

    - Internal / External Femur Rotations
    - Side-lying Abduction/Adduction
    - Side-lying Hip Flexion/Extension
    Hour 2
    Core Exercises
    - Rotation
    - Windshield Wipers
    - Upper Spinal Floor Twist Stretch
    - Isometric Windshield Wipers
    - Windmills
    - Upper Spinal Floor Twists with resistance
    - BOSU / Split Leg Sitting
    - BOSU Sit Ups
    - BOSU Soccer Throws
    - BOSU Upper Body Twist
    - Alternating Shoulder Flexion
    - Isometric Abduction + Twist
    - Shoulder Abduction
    - Torso Chops
    - Torso Rotations
    - Torso Twist
    Tony Davenport, M.S.

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