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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Senior Member Ashley's Avatar
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    St. Louis, Missouri
    I played rugby for 3 hours tonight

    stretching, sprints, stops and starts, pull backs, full court scrimmage, etc.

    and pushed around campus for an hour...many hills

    i'm wiped
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    Jon, that is Fantastic!!! I spotted a backpack in the photos, how much weight did you carry? Did you go with friends? What was hardest about using snow shoes from xc skis?

    Last week I was in Hawaii, surfed more than 8 hours over 4 days and now I haven't got any arms left to push thru the snow here in Canada ; )

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    Go Ashley !

    Surf S - one liter gatorade, a pbj sandwich, warm hat, windbreaker and a camera were in the pack - couldn't have weighed more than 5 lbs.
    I didn't go with anyone, and one thing about the snowshoes is you have to keep a wider stance to avoid walking on them. Since I can't adduct my 'bad' leg, that was a bit of a challenge.

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    Back in the gym after a weekend intestinal bug. Did Shoulders including dips for power strokes in my chair, and cardio yestersday. tonight is back and bi's


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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Big day for me. I did something I haven't done in 7 years. I climbed up 1200 ft on snowshoes for 2.5 hours and was rewarded with great vistas and a hard effort. More pictures in the following post, (I was by myself- sorry for the strange self portraits).
    RHYang - that is Castle Peak taken from Hawks Peak which is were I was - the top of Tahoe Donner cross country area.

    Side note - could someone help me put multiple pictures in one post?
    Very inspiring arndog - reminds me to never give give up!

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    50 min on stationary cycle rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    No cardio today just weights.
    did chest and shoulders
    5 sets of incline bench max 6 times at 205
    chest press / machine 225
    cable cross overs x 4 80 pounds

    shoulder presses 50 pounds unsupported
    front raises 20 pounds
    side raises 20 pounds all sets of 4
    What ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger

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    Banned adi chicago's Avatar
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    near dracula castle
    i moved my arms as much as i could 10 hrs each day.I feel sorry about my legs.
    still low cardio the docs says.
    • Dum spiro, spero.
      • Translation: "As long as I breathe, I hope."

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Today -
    2.5 hours nordic sitski - super sunny warm day - felt like April...
    Here is a little video diary of today.... I threw in 2 secs of snowshoeing from yesterday
    Sitskiing looks like fun ! Probably the only kind of skiing my neurosurgeon would approve of too I'm always jealous of the skiers while I'm trudging up Glacier Point Road on my slowshoes

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    Sitskiing is great fun and can be brutal going up hills with just arm power, it is great lat and tricep and forearm pump. Now that I can do both 'slowshoe' and sitski , I will mix 'em up and do both. I feel that when people see me snowshoeing they must think, oh, he doesn't have the ski skills to nordic ski or telemark. Of course they don't know that they are looking at a great legend {in my own mind} of a skier.
    I can't worry what others think really, we get amazing/amusing comments while we grind up hills on arm power while sitskiing. Usually stuff like, "you are an inspiration or you must have really strong arms" . The other day someone said , "I wish I had you arm strength", I had to hold back from saying "I wish I had your legs..."
    RhYang - why don't you put a sign on your back saying - "I am not really a klutz, the reason I am slow is that I am an incomplete quadraplegic" - That will make them them stop and show some respect
    Today -
    70 min crutch walk with Jasper, the dog 2.8 miles, 113 bpm avg hr, 440 ascent
    30 min stationary bike avg hr 110
    65 min elliptical - hard avg hr 135 bpm
    2.5 hours total.
    Tomorrow , I am taking a new T6 complete para to go nordic sitskiing for the first time. Me and Mark will show him. Actually, there will be 5 people in sitskiing - it may be a record for Tahoe Donner Ski Area.....

    Nice work - RJP and fuente !

    Here is C. Cable grinding up a big hill at Spooner Cross Country, at Tahoe...

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