Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Hiked the 1-mile floating boardwalk trail in the Horicon marsh. In another month, this whole area will be filled with migrating birds, all manner of ducks, geese, pelicans. This was an interesting 'trail', mostly boardwalk and an added balance challenge...but lots of fun! Can you spot the great egret in the second picture?
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    Hi everyone - Sorry I haven't posted - I am trying to hang in the AB world of ocean coastal kayaking. Taking lessons - private initially cause I thought I couldn't hang with ABs. Turns out that once in a kayak, and having done arm sports for 13 years as a gimp, I could hang with the ABs.
    I have been kayaking in the northern california coast near Mendocino/Ft. Bragg. Trying to learn to kayak in dynamic water. It is a beautiful world out there.
    Truly - beautiful Egret picture. I would go back to that boardwalk when all those birds arrive.

    Question - I don't know how to post photos anymore . Do they have to be on a URL or can I still just upload one from my desktop like the old days - if someone could kindly explain that to me - thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Question - I don't know how to post photos anymore . Do they have to be on a URL or can I still just upload one from my desktop like the old days - if someone could kindly explain that to me - thanks!
    I uploaded the photos as attachments and they magically appeared in the post. I had to adjust the size before uploading so they wouldn't be too ginormous.

    I will certainly go back to the boardwalk during the migration. There is also a 6.5 mile 'canoe' trail through the marsh. I'd like to kayak that, too. Migration is an almost eerie time in that area. We get a lot of dark, cloudy skies in October and the calls of the birds rise above any other noise. The two make it an other-worldly experience.

    I'm glad you're expanding your kayak skills, Arndog. Keep us posted on how you do.
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    C5-6 incomplete quad with no triceps, partial use of one hand, still able to stand and walk a tad in parallel bars, have some in my home, so stood/weight bared for 1 hour, with about 12 trips down and back, GOOD solid sweat. GREAT THREAD!

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    I'm headed to Petaluma CA next weekend to row in my first head race, the Wine Country Classic.

    So, has anyone been formally classified in their sport? I will be classified on Saturday, and I'm getting a little frustrated by all the forms and by the need to pay for a doctor visit and a PT visit for mandatory manual muscle testing. I have no desire (or the skill/talent) to row in the Paralympics or anything like that and am not sure why all this hoop jumping in order to row recreationally. Am I just being cranky about this?

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    Just finished 45 minutes of back stroke in a local awesome aquatic facility, swimming is the best work out in my opinion

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    Been busy both swimming and mountain biking this summer.
    Headed down to Moab mountain biking next week.

    Video is from a local ORHC camp back in July. It’s always a blast to ride in a big handcycle group.
    1977 - C5 ambulating Quad

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    Back from a 3-day paddle, got to catch a coachwhip!

    On the 19th off to Baja for 2.5 weeks of ocean kayaking & real fishing!!!
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    Got fish too
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    I got in three and a half hours on the One-Off today. Single track with steep ups and steep roller-coaster downs. Some challenging mud patches but nothing too big or deep to get across by going into it fast.

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