Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Shveddy- I am going to try. I have to talk my wife into it first. Ha.
    Truly- The old dump is literally the tallest hill around me. Love it though.

    Accomplished another mini goal. Rode the trike to the gym, did my work out and rode home. About 6 miles in all but it the farthest I have done yet and add to that a work out in between and it was pretty tough. I only did half my leg routine. I laid off the quads and hamstrings and just worked the abductors, glutes, and calves. Feeling good though. Party on!

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    Cjt8 - Yea, getting used to a body that doesn't step up to the plate when you need it to is a bitch. I'll admit that I was caught off guard by how much the climb took out of me (and that's not including how much I hurt today) and how suddenly the fatigue took over. I think a big part of it was that I still had the brute force to climb as long as I had hands to stabilize me. So I felt really good of the ladder, but once I got on the ground and tried walking unaided, however, I realized that all of my fine control was gone and I didnt have anything to hold on to and make up for it. Next time I'll stash a pair of crutches in the adjacent corn field; lesson learned.

    Regarding safety: I had a climbing harness and I was always clipped in to the structure. Nothing wrong with being a safety prick, especially considering the circumstances. Thanks for the concern!

    You'll become more confident on the crutches over time, your legs will probably get better at it, but your arms are guaranteed to improve significantly. Do semi-reckless stuff on grass where consequences are minimal and you'll have a chance to explore your limits. That's the only way you'll get those fall-arresting reflexes back: by almost falling a bunch.
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    Success, finally the VA came through and got one of the vets I have been bugging to get into riding hand cycles a brand new FRH-1 Sure is a pretty bike, just like mine except for some reason they moved one of the break-shifter levers off the hand grip, on one side, and put it on a post out front. Seems like a dumb idea to me, because now you have to let go of the hand grip to shift gears, but of course this is just minor stuff. So now I can ride with somebody my own hight.

    Truly Great to here that you are getting some outside return. About four months ago, I got the top and bottom of my hamstring to start to go. Its just now feeling like its really contributing its fare share. So remember to have patient with new return, its take awhile, and a lot of work, to get much out of new return that has been atrophied for so long. With your amazing will power I'm sure you will get all there is to get.
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    gvinton - Congratulations - great job. How were the cables for you?

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    Great work and photo. When do we get the story?
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    Thanks guys!

    I was way more comfortable on the cables than I expected. My grip was strong. I used both sides going up since it was early and wasn't real crowded. I was able to "fish hook" my left hand to grab it and my grip held up well.

    I've been training for 10 weeks and the previous week I experienced some knee pain summitting Mt Baldy. Well, about half way into this hike it returned. I was skeptical I was going to make it but kept popping Tylenol and moving forward. We reached the base of the cables in about 4 1/2 hours and figured I would give it a shot (half assuming I would turn around due to the knee pain or lack or grip). Step after step my confidence grew and I just kept on going. I actually past a couple people going up.

    Going back down the cables was easier than expected. I was able to find a comfortable grip and just sort of repelled down. However, every step of the 9 mile return hike was slow and painful. The knee pain probably added at least an extra hour to our return. Total trip was about 18 miles and 11 hours. To top it all off we have to drive home 6 more hours the same night!

    All in all an amazing experience I never would have thought possible after my 2001 injury. A lot of hard work and good fortune.

    Here are a couple more pics from the hike.

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    Gvinton- way to go. Great job. Love the cable shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gvinton View Post
    Total trip was about 18 miles and 11 hours. To top it all off we have to drive home 6 more hours the same night!
    Super impressive accomplishment, gvinton. Glad you achieved your goal and made it back safely. Well done.
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    2.5 hour singletrack ride, 1/2 up, 1/2 down - hard.
    it was 75* and 100% humidity and it made me feel really funny......

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