Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jett View Post
    Walked my daughter down the aisle and did the father/daughter dance yesterday. Luckily without any crashes!
    Fantastic, Jett. Congrats on your daughter's wedding, walking her down the aisle and dancing with her. You are one tough, hombre. And, you looked dashing.
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    I completed my last training hike on Saturday to the highest peak in the San Gabriel mountains. Southern California has been experiencing extreme temps all week so I was a bit concerned but instead got thunder, lightning, wind and hail!

    It was a tough hike but we summited and got the heck off the mountain before things got worse. Next week Half Dome!

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    Got in a quick 2hr ride, but got chased out by lightning.

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    Do you feel like you are getting stronger? That's a big challenge you've taken on way to go.

    You're looking great. We went camping in our new tent trailer over the weekend, and they closed down the campground Saturday afternoon for the Trinities fire. I'm afraid that the fires will rage for a while yet before the rains come.
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    Yes, I'm definitely stronger. This last 10 weeks I've improved my endurance and cardio substantially. The only thing I can't really prepare for is the cables section of the Half Dome hike. My left hand grip is pretty weak so I'm hoping I can compensate with a pretty strong right hand.

    I'm not sure how familiar you are with that hike but slipping would not be advisable.

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    Still in Phoenix.

    I went to SpoFit once to lift weights. I've been swimming in the hotel pool, but it is so frigging hot here that the pool water is like a hot bath, even at 5:30 in the morning. Not an energizing workout.

    Doing bodyweight exercises in the hotel room. Need to do some stretching, because 10 hour work days on console gets me all spasmed up. I'd lie down on the linoleum floor at work except that there are too many crickets in the building and I probably wouldn't be able to get back in the chair again...

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    gvinton - good job on Mt. Baldy. Enjoy half dome. Hey, if you are nervous about the cables section - why don't you 'short rope' yourself to a friend who is in front of you for security. You could look it up how to do it. It could be a 5 mil rope. Just an idea. I think the biggest liability is other people on the route, not your ability....
    Have fun. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    We are having T-storms now too. 3 days rest- tomorrow back to Markleeville for hand cycling.

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    Jett man you clean up real nice, looking good.
    So you have a green speed, I looked at them but thought they were to expensive for me. My trike was about half as much and still only weighs 33 pounds. Its not like I'm going to ride it into the dirt or anything, but man the green speeds look way cool. So do you feel like you can ride any farther, or are you trying to keep what you have. I find with SCI that if you take some time of, that you lose what you got, a lot faster then before injury. Not sure if thats true, but it sure seems so?

    Arndog so how much crutch walking did you do in the six years before you figured out that you could go trail walking? Were you walking around on the side walk a lot? Did you slowly build up to walking farther and farther? i get tennis elbow from riding my hand cycle, so I wear arm bands on both sides. Starting to get some good tan lines going.

    Katja Way to keep trying to get in some exercise in a tough situation.

    23 miles on hand cycle and four miles on my new trike, great fun.
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    flying - my 6 years has not been a linear path of 'recovery' or strength gain. I have had 2 major revision spine surgeries where the surgeons took out all the hardware from T11 to the pelvis and redid it from the front and back. This wiped me out. I could not crutch walk a block without going back to the house and rolling up into the fetal position in bed. Then there was the 7 intestinal obstructions half requiring xyphoid to pubis laparotomy to repair. So you get the picture. But each time I would crutch walk a little further on paved trails around my house, till I was doing 2 hr jaunts. Then went to Telluride one summer after the last spine revision in 2008 which gave me more extension and I tried a trail very timidly- a light bulb went off that this was viable. Perhaps too much detail but that was my timeline.
    That is great that you have 2 three wheeled rigs for feet and arms. In retrospect, I should have kept the Catrike.

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