Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Training 3 days on, one off for cardio. I have an incredible trainer down in Norman OK that runs a veritable bodybuilding champion factory. Everything is high speed, heavy weight, supersetted. We found ways to work around my back issues and even strengthen it by strengthening my abs and obliques. Having done that we could start building mass on my poor legs. From two ropey sticks I now have a nice quad and hamstring sweep. I spend less and less time in my chair, not cured but strong enough to get out and stay out most days.

    for example, Tuesday's leg workout:
    10 sets incline leg press supersetted with standing ham curls
    5 sets lunges supersetted with quad extensions
    finished up with burnouts, drop setted lying hamcurls/seated extensions/ adductor presses.
    30 seconds rest between sets. It takes me 30 minutes for my legs to stop shaking long enough to drive home.
    I now duckwalk because I can't pull my knees together. Thats how big my quads are now.
    The other thing fixed was my diet and supplementation. I was so fearful of getting fat I sabotaged my growth. I'm now on 7,000 calories a day and I still get hungry!

    Yeah i still get back pumps from hell that knock the breath out of me, some days I still have bladder and bowel issues - not so much now that i am off dairy.

    It's all about progress.


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    I made my 50th today and it looked like my last time; the snow is disappearing. I may need take your advice and head west.

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    Decided to fire up the ol ATV do more quadding on / off for a few hours then went and played with my dogs they like anything with wheels lol too funny.

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    I'm still at #48. It has snowed 5 feet, yes, 5 feet in 2 days. I80 is closed, too much of a good thing. There is no end in site - it is 'SNOWmageddon" here. There will be skiing in May off piste. You should come out. We will have fun.

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    snowing here, too but got out for a long day yesterday kayaking on the Colorado River.

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    You da man, Steve. The fish must fear you and the yellow necky.

    In my neck of the woods, the ski areas all broke 600 inches for the year, it is absolutely crazy there and 3 more feet are expected tomorrow. I'm headin' up tomorrow.

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    I have been riding a ladies cruiser since January. The ladies frame made it easy to mount and dismount. This week I learned how to get on my regular mountain bike. Yesterday I gave myself a real challenge, some real mountain bike riding, including a significant climb. I was definitely tired at the top, and it was a little scary coming down. Today my back and shoulders are really tight. I guess from the more aggresive riding position. I'm psyched because a few months ago I didn't know if I would ever ride a bike again.

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    I never miss my mornning walk, rarely visit local jim and planning to go for swim over week end.. let we see . I am working on night shift to provide customer support ofcource it is on call customer support and I revive 3 or 4 live chat calls during night but i am unable to wake up @ 7 am yearly

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    get emergency gall bladder removal today...... :{

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    Oh, no! That's a hell of a workout.

    Get better soon.

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