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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Today I biked for 5 miles. Nothing like a decent sweat to start the day off right.

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    I ride by FRH-1 handcycle 3-4 times per week and 6 miles per session. I have been injured now for 10 years and only recently got the hand bike within the last 2 months. So you could say this is the first real exercise i have been doing since my accident ( although i am a fairly active person ).

    Is this an ideal workout for each week? i have been thinking about ramping it up a bit, but at the same time i don't wanna ruin my shoulders either!

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    Riding the handcycle CURED my chronic shoulder ills years ago. I started riding in 2004, at 1 mile the first day and had to rest to get back home. Increased it daily until within the first month, I did a 24 mile ride with bicyclists in SE KY, finishing before almost all of them due to their quitting during the rain. I rode daily-6 to 7 days a week until about 2011, when I started riding only a few days per week due to complications from brain tumors. Depending on the route taken, I had several different ones, I would ride 24 to 54 miles per day. This is in very hilly terrain. I have never been healthier nor felt better in my entire life. Haven't ridden since 2012 but just got back into it after fixing my old XLT-pro up again. I rode a bit over 11 miles yesterday. I ride in the heat of the day to get a cool breeze so I am not sitting around sweating all day. It has been over 100 each day here for a while. I would suggest you ride every day, and increase the mileage each day. You will be doing your body a great favor. I am a T4 complete since Feb 1996. I am also a health nut, eat a plant based diet, free of GMO anything, and do no junk foods. Take care what you put into your body, you only get one.

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    I’ve been following adapt to fitness’ workouts on YouTube!

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    weather permitting 5 to 8 miles a day on my bike only time not out is rain left at 5 got home late dusk john its got to be tough in oh Justin said really cold this weekend burrrr

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    I ran 2 miles in the morning along 3 sets of chin-ups and 5 sets of pushups. ..and This weekend I will try to achieve runners high.

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