Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Kayak Lake Tahoe -22 miles round trip, 6 hours of paddling, hung out in Emerald Bay. Cave Rock Park (east side) to Emerald Bay (west side) and Back. Perfect still conditions, paddled around island in Emerald Bay, snow in the high mountains. I am cooked!

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    Here is a short video from today.

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    So, I hiked up Alpine terrain, climbed, squeezed, along a sheer "cliff" to these seats for The Rolling Stones, followed some one on crutches that I all too late found out he was AT LEAST HALF MY AGE. To enjoy a spectacular show and found that if they can still do it with 10+ years on me, I'll give it my best shot, and did. BARCLAYS CENTER, BROOKLYN NY, DEC 8th. Sold Out. And what a workout it was. Plus a 1/4 mile cane walk in traffic, at a brisk "speed" and a light refreshing rain to cool me. It's all in the eye of the beholder, not proper mountains and streams but it's just as challenging! And rewarding too.
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    Alhavel- I have hiked the stadium mountain myself a couple times. It is very rewarding.

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    Strung lights on the tree today for two hours. I'm calling it a major workout, between wobbly balancing, sitting on a stool and up and down, repeatedly. The whole experience had me thinking of some sort of device that could help us who are able to stand, but suffer from bad balance. There aren't a lot of females on this thread but maybe you'll know what I'm talking about. When I was a kid, there were wire stands that we used for our Barbie type dolls. They had a round wire base with a wire that went up to the doll's neck, ending with wires that would grab each side of the neck. Barbie could stand up quite well with one of those and I wished for one today.

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    Had a great weekend going to see my brother and one of his boys, for his 60Th birthday party. Drove myself down to Redding CA. and we three went on a great ride to the Shasta damn. The trail starts in downtown Redding at Turtle Bay's Sundial Bridge then heads up the Keswick damn. We took the road around the damn and then a pretty flat 11 miles to Shasta damn. On the way back we took the new bypass trail around Keswick damn. This pice of trail is very steep with lots of first gear hills, but the view was well worth it. 32 miles in all, what a great way to visit and talk, ridding along a baby butt smooth no car trail and stooping to see the view. For most of the ride one can not even see a road.
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    i got out for a two hour ride on the oneoff, all singletrack, a fast pace to keep warm at 7000ft - looks like we are finally going to get snow!

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    I had an awesome 6 mile handcycle ride with my 1 year old dog. He is not getting enough exercise :-(, so he is like a tightly wound spring, ready to blow. It was amazing watching him at a full out gallop, ears flying back, legs completely stretched out.

    And was he tired afterward? Heck, no.

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    Three days of alpine skiing. I get on a mechanical lift that pulls me up the hill then I coast down. Yeah, does not sound like exercise but I am beat at the end of the day. Nothing gives me this kind workout for my abs/core. It feels so good.
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    Hi my395, Garro, Katja, flying.

    Today, I did another kayak paddle at Lake Tahoe - Kings Beach to Incline and back. The temp when we put in was under 10 degrees farenheit. Burr. But it is doable and fun with the right clothing (drysuit, neoprene). Winter storm coming in which made it even more exciting with rough water.

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