Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Rest day, sore from yesterdays workout so all is good.

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    Swam with the Boise Vet group today.
    Good group of people!
    Pulled 250 yards of it with the drag chute.
    That gadget tends to produce some sore spots!l

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    Jett- I wish I had the discipline to get up and swim. The pool near me is very reasonable, but to get the cheap rate you have to go before 8:30 in the morning. Maybe I will get my into it at some point this winter. It'll make me feel more confident in the ocean when the summer comes back around. I can imagine dragging a chute behind. Cheers!

    Back to the gym tonight after snowboarding Friday and convention going.
    Did the stationary bike for 20 minutes
    Upper body

    On the advice of a friend decided to try wall squating. I was able to do 3 sets for 30 seconds at 90 degrees. Had my crutches with me for support if I needed (which I did) Trying to strengthen those quads and build my shorter term stamina if that makes sense.
    Normal balance stuff
    speed bag 5 minutes
    heavy bag 5 minutes

    Lazyboy recliner- rest of night

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    BB Bench
    8*115, 3*135, 3*140, 3*145

    BB Incline
    1*5*95, 1*5*100, 1*5*105, 1*5*110, 1*5*115

    Seated BB Press
    1*5*45, 1*5*55, 1*5*60, 1*5*65, 1*4*70

    Machine Flys
    1*8*115, 1*6*115, 1*5*105 (gassed)



    Chin Ups
    4*8 (5bs)

    1*12(15lbs), 3*10(15lbs)

    CG Bench

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    30 mins Leslie Sansone workout...super cardio! 30 mins on treadmill. 300 ab crunches. Some stretching. I can actually march in place for the Leslie workouts without holding on to anything. Pretty weird because that's a more difficult motion than walking. We're in the land of ice and snow right now. Will not be going outside in it, unfortunately. Just too dangerous!

    Keep working hard everyone. I like reading about your workouts and your progress!

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    Truly-Still not really able to march in place myself. I can for like maybe 5 steps but not much. There are times that I need a pick me up. Knowing that you are still working hard at it making progress much farther along than me helps keep me motivated. Stay safe. No more set backs.

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    2*7 (WG), 2*7 (MG) 2*7 (CG)

    DB Rows
    1*55*50, 1*10*45, 1*15*40

    Cable Rows

    Cable Pulldowns
    1*8*105, 2*8*110

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    Started to shake up my exercise routine, I feel I'm a pretty healthy, active person.... wooh woke up this am, lifted myself up to sit in bed... who knew all those muscles were there! Lol pretty excited to keep it up and see results and feel better! Nothing like the winter blues.
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    Hi Drew nice video, great to see you up and about. I have some KAFOs like yours but there supposed to lock and unlock at the knees as you walk. Have to say that its damn hard to get them to do it just right. Some of the time when you step down they do not lock and some of the time when you step ahead they do no unlock. And they weight 2.5 pounds apiece. After a lot of frustration I moved on to AFOs and am trying to work my little thighs

    Well its been great riding weather out west, clear ever day, frozen in the mornings, but warming up to about 50 during the day. A little hard to dress for, when you ride down in the shade its still frozen with ice on the road, ahh but then your back in to the sun to thaw out. Just great.
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    Thanks, ive saw the newer kafos with the knee unlocking... pretty neat. I worked with the rewalk, that was pretty tough, I dont like walkin with crutches and had to learn to use them along with the machine. Def a cool experience! I have a video on my youtube of that also!
    I have more to claim.
    I have to fight through the hard places
    to go and get it!

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