Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve garro View Post
    Nope, not at all.

    Better then the alternative, the world is too cool to not enjoy the outdoors.
    Well said, garro! Came down with the bronchial crud thats going around. Have been sick since Monday. Working a little from my recliner. Missing exercise! Do the rest of you notice that having a bad cold or infection with SCI seems to be 3X worse than in our AB days? Every burning, prickly, buzzing nerve just intensifies....and, my neuro weakness is worse, too. SCI, the gift that just keeps on giving!
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    Do the rest of you notice that having a bad cold or infection with SCI seems to be 3X worse than in our AB days? Every burning, prickly, buzzing nerve just intensifies....and, my neuro weakness is worse, too.
    Oh, you bet!

    How much can you pile on?

    It's so weird, I mean you prick my finger and my leg that doesn't work jerks violently - go figure that one…….and more!

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    Sorry you're not feeling well, Revis. Yes, I notice the same. When sick, everything is weirder than usual. Part of the fun of SCI, I guess. Sometimes, all it takes is to move my leg a certain way or lay on the floor, just so, and I feel like I'm in a meat grinder.
    I hope you feel better soon.

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    Paddled 10 miles
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    nice Steve !

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    Someone's very noisy. Looks like a great time.
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    It was 68 degrees in Boise yesterday, a record by a few degrees, so I went for a bike ride in shorts and short sleeves, drafting behind AB friends on their tandem. It was hard. My average hart rate was 150, pretty high for an old fart, but I felt OK, and I only had to beg for mercy a little. It was a great day.
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    3 hours paddling in the pouring rain during a small craft advisory on Lake Tahoe this afternoon. Lets hear it for drysuits. The skin on frame kayak at 30 lbs is manageable despite my gimpiness.

    We are getting some well needed precip. Skiing seems like a distant dream but the water will bring the lake level up and may be pretty with snow on shore the next day or 2.

    Revis, Flying, Cajun, Truly, Steve, vjls - hello. Keep at it. To stop is giving up..... I hope more people join in here. Name:  mmmmmmmmm.jpg
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    Sorry for my infrequent posts. Always enjoy reading about everyone's exploits, challenges, and triumphs. Pictures are invariably awesome.

    Definitely agree that illness is more of a pain in the ass with SCI. I had the flu and norovirus over the past 2 months and both kicked my butt. Fatigue and spasticity ratchet up big time; but it does feel good when it passes.

    I'm keeping pretty steady with my rotation of activities. Typically try to do 2 of each of the following each week: yoga, weight training, water aerobics/swimming, and recumbent triking. I also do a lot of stretching every morning and before I go to bed. Feel like certain things keep moving forward, although my gait doesn't seem to change much. I'm still on high dose Baclofen. Had 2 beautiful rides this weekend; temperature was in the 60's.

    Arndog - I do love chamber music. My wife plays professionally and teaches violin at William and Mary here in Williamsburg. Here's a link to a video of her group:

    Katya - you might recognize the venue; it's the Great Hall in the Wren Building

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    Dan F - lovely performance - I recognize Tom Marshall. I hope you're feeling better after all those bugs!

    The coach of the local sculling club has started an adaptive program. Indoor now, on the water once it warms up. I've been 2 two practices and one competition, and I'm having fun. I'm rowing with a fixed seat, and have found that it's really challenging my core and (to my surprise) my hamstrings - I think because I'm bracing my feet and getting a sort of isometric contraction going.

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