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    Hi all, thanks for all the great pics and reports of your adventures! Katja, good going! Your time is something to be proud of.

    We've had really cold temps and snow the last couple of days. Today, I had fun in the kitchen, cooking for a friend just out of the hospital. Was on my feet for about four hours. When it came time to deliver the goods I had to drive to her house because it was too slippery to be out. She lives across the street! Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. I've had too many spills and injuries to take a chance.

    Still doing yoga, Pilates and treadmill for workouts. I feel terrible if I don't move.

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    Hello all. I wanted to touch base with you guys. Thank you very much for your concern. In August during a hurricane swell I was slammed into the sand bar and broke my neck. Initially I was paralyzed from the shoulders down. After about two weeks I started getting some movement back. I spent two months in a rehab hospital. I made pretty good progress there. I'm back home and continue to improve. Keep doing what you do. This was a freak accident. The people on the site have and still continue to inspire me. Getting back to what I'm Lov to do was a huge motivation in my last recovery and Itwill be in this recovery as well. We can't live our lives in fear of the next freak accident. Shit happens. That's just the way it is. I work every day to continue to improve. I hope to get back into outdoor recreation. Right now I'm focused on rehab. Thank you again for your concern.

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    mflounlacker - good to hear from you. Hey - we all have been worried and care about you. I know you will keep up the rehab and surprise us. Stay in touch.

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    Yeah, Mark!
    Been following you on FB, you are living my nightmare and kicking ass doing it - kudos, Sir.

    I have been working allot to catch up since we went to Baja.
    I have around 30-40 hours in each of these, pre-paint, even.

    Man, the cold is cranking my nerve pain, tone & spasms??.

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    Welcome back to CCC, mflounlacker. We are all pulling for you. Garro, honestly after working hard on those frames I don't see how you have much energy left for playing, but you do. And, way to go katja. Excellent times. Four hours of standing is a LOT of standing, truly.​ I don't see how you pull that off. Impressive. It has turned cold here in N. ID like everywhere else, but without any snow. Lots of sunshine. Short days. But have had loads of neuro weirdness because of the sudden change. This may be a cold, but somewhat dry winter for us with El Nino in charge. I did manage a 3-mile hike yesterday afternoon. Felt strong. But, was hurting so bad at dinner couldn't enjoy my Tacos al Carbon. Keep pressing on...
    CCS/Walking Quad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revis View Post
    Garro, honestly after working hard on those frames I don't see how you have much energy left for playing, but you do.

    neuro weirdness because of the sudden change.
    I did manage a 3-mile hike yesterday afternoon. Felt strong. But, was hurting so bad at dinner couldn't enjoy my Tacos al Carbon. Keep pressing on...
    And I still don't sleep!

    I hear you, the cold is working me, bad………N pain, stiff, spasticity, tone, tired, pain, bad circulation…..

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    MFlounlacker, so good to hear from you. We have all been thinking of you and wishing you a powerful recovery.

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    MFlounlacker, you've been on my mind so much since I heard of your second accident. Revis shared your blog site with me and I'll be keeping up with your progress. No doubt, you will have progress and I know you'll make the most of every piece of return that you have. Stay positive and strong....and when you're not, let us know and we'll help hold you up. We've all been there, in one form or another, and you have a bunch of friends here who truly understand. You know I wish the very best for you.

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    mflounlacker Great to hear from you.
    It does happen twice.
    During rehab on my SCI T8, my Doctor showed me my xray and asked when I broke my neck. I told him 2 years before I had crashed my bike in the desert and thought that I could not feel anything from my neck down for what felt like a minute. He said, you dodged that bullet. Same desert got me in a pick-up.
    Keep on keepin on... dam cold weather makes me feel like Im going backwards though..

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    Hey mflounlacker, thanks for letting us know how its going with you. Hope this second rehab goes as well as the first one.

    I don't know how you guys can take that cold that your having. Went riding today and it took 3 hours to get warm back at my house, and it was only 45 degrees out side. But I guess the moisture in the air makes it feel a bit colder.

    Hey Katja, that seems pretty fast to me.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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