Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Take a look at this as well. I have real weak, almost no ankle strength on right side. My clonus so bad I can not stay in toe clips.

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    Last Saturday. Crutch Hiked the Grand Canyon from South Rim to River and back to the Rim in 12 hours. 20 miles, 5000 ft, 12 hours dawn till dusk. Bright Angel Trail. Had to dig as deep as possible - went with four AB great and patient people. The canyon is so beautiful, it is good to be there all day. It was hard that at the end of the day when I was cooked, I had to climb rather than swing on the crutches downhill.

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    Here is another shot...

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    Wow! Epic! You are really calibrated for your limits. Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful photos. I need to get out and look for my limits a little more.
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    Don't feel compelled to look at all these but here they are

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    Arndog-way to go. Standard tips all the way? If so did you get much slipping.
    Any other thoughts on what to bring specific to crutch hiking, I see the tape comes in handy.
    Again, well done.

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    CJ - in retrospect, I would have taken gel bike gloves. And moleskin. But you don't learn what goes wrong till you have been on the trail for 11 hours and 22 miles. Here is a blister on my palm that made the last 2000 ft climb tougher.

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    Arndog.... you are an animal. Saw your bud Mark W. and his wife and the abilities expo in LA. We spoke of your exploits.
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    Andog - Those 20+ mile hikes that you do are absolutely Herculean. Could you elaborate on why you chose to use the tornado tips, rather than the articulating tips?

    And I feel for you on those hand blisters. But at least with the sidestix they happen at mile 12 or so in the bottom of a beautiful canyon rather than at mile one in some suburban frisbee golf course as would happen with my old set of crutches.

    Do you know anything about those new grippers from sidestix? I hear they push the blisters back to mile 20 and beyond.
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    Shveddy- I thought I would use the lighter crutch. Plus my swivel tips are mighty beat up. I also have the cork grips on the no shock crutch so I tried them. That blister was just stupidity on my part. I should have had gel cycling gloves and I don't think that would have happened. The blister fully absorbed and sealed back down - cool. It isn't raw.
    my395- good to hear from you - we have to get together soon on the east side somewhere !

    This is in high def 1080p so you can change that in the bottom right corner - it looks better....

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