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    Sorry about your shoulder , Garro. Yer shoulder, my ulcer- We are sidelined , but only temporarily!
    Shveddy- You are right about strapping 40 lbs of metal to your pelvis and charging off piste - it did contribute to the continued destruction of my L vertebrae. Well if this were a multiple choice test it would read,
    a. stand up and snowboard and risk fall and vertebral injury,
    b. mono ski and destroy your vertebrae possibly quicker, and
    c. stare at the walls in your home being safe saving yourself for... being really old with SCI???
    d. Do not harness gravity forces, stick to human powered (gimp powered) lower speed activities.
    It is a tough choice initially to not try to regain what you used to do. Gravity doesn't give a hoot and ease a notch because we are gimped.
    I was so into downhill free heel skiing - I couldn't let go of getting the pow until I had no choice and am so fused that I had to say my final good bye to gliding downhill - hard to let go of.
    So you are fused from T12 to L4. That means that you are going to give your L4-5 and L5-S1 joints a beating . I don't know what to tell you without sounding like a Debbie-downer. I don't know the right answer. Probably, d ;-)

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    Arndog, sorry to hear about the pressure ulcer. Not fun. I hope you heal up quickly.

    You, too, Steve. I had to cross the icy patio today to play with the dog. It's been slick as snot around here for the past month. Really hard to get out.

    Made it to 2.2 mph on the treadmill today. Can only maintain that level for about 5 mins so far. Total TM time was just short of an hour. Repetition seems to work the best for me. If I do something enough, I can eventually manage.

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    Arndog - I'm probably going to go for D as well, at least on the skiing side of things. When I snowboarded for the first time a few weeks back I caught a heelside edge (weak ankles) and went down on my ass pretty hard. It wasn't anything to write home about by any normal standards, but it was definitely the first time I had taken a hit since my injury.

    I have fallen a lot just walking around, but that is usually just a low energy crumple to the ground. Messing with momentum again is interesting and as others have noted, probably not worth it for green and blue slopes.

    It sucks to have to pick and choose like that, but we all have our priorities. I'm sure you can't say whether or not it was worth it to wreck your back a bit more for those few years of sit skiing, but in the moment we just have to hope for the best and continue to pursue dreams

    (First post injury jump)
    L2 incomplete with a pretty bad limp since 10/31/2011.

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    Steve You know free advise is worth what you pay for it but here gos anyway, please try to take it ease for awhile and let it heal. Pretty tough to do for and A type go getter, but you know the drill. Hang in there man.

    Shveddy Looking great. So how was your first jump back, did it feel like before, or were you concentrating to much to notice? My first time flying after injury all I could think about was how am I going to land this strange 2 axes plane that I have never flown before.

    Found 4 AB people to ride with yesterday, ridding has become a great social time for me, plus of course its still a great workout as well.
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    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    Actually went for a 2hr ride - shoulder is OK as long as I keep it close & in track, it's stuff like holding something that's at arm length that hurts, that & when I roll on it sleeping.
    I think I'm going to get a cortisone shot in the joint as a spring tune up.

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    Swam with the Boise Veteran group Saturday and Sunday.
    Two solid one hour sessions. Finished the second day with a 1000 yard nonstop freestyle pull.
    Cajun was with us on the first day. He’s getting very quick and becoming a challenge to keep pace with!

    Took the One-Off along in the van. A gentleman was curious if at T4 he would he be able to manage it.
    He handled it well in the parking lot but, it will definitely take some gear-up time.

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    Wow, what a thread! Three thousand seven hundred and two posts. Incredible. Thanks, arndog, for starting it.

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    switched up my routine so it's less of a split. Been enjoying it a lot so far:

    Feb 22 - don't know if this counts but walked around the zoo for about 3 hours. Highlights were Penguins, Elephants, Gorillas and Tigers. GF almost got sprayed by tiger!

    Feb 24 -

    Seated BB Shoulder Press
    5*45, 5*60, 5*65, 5*70, 5*75, 4*80

    DB Rows
    3*8*55 (SLC)

    4*10 (BW)

    CG BB Bench

    15*45, 15*50, 15*55, 15*60, 12*65

    Feb 27

    BB Bench (incline)
    5*105, 5*110, 5*115, 5*120, 5*120 (all incline)

    Chin Ups
    2*8 (WG), 2*8 (CG)

    Cable Rows
    1*8*110, 2*8*115

    BW Box Squats
    4*15 (BW Box squats)

    Standing DB Press

    Heading to mountains this weekend for alumni hockey game, see some old friends. Won't be playing though!!! Guess I'll just have to enjoy a coffee in the warmth instead.

    I play it off easy but I would say I miss not playing more than just about anything which I suppose is not a bad trade off considering what a lot of people around here are faced with. Sad but I'm at peace.

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    Steve - I bet it says you have Mad Skill. Your joint work inspires me to do the best I can. The white paint lays on that frame like it has always been one piece.

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