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    I had to take sometime off (it kills me) since mid-June I've been doing metal work six days a week with one day off a week to do an off road handcycle ride of ~ 4hrs = I was totally fried, took a few days off to just lay in the sun & stretch my jacked-up body out.

    But, I paid off one of our houses, and am starting to think about slowing down considerably……..

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    I have been riding a couple of times a week, about 1 or two hours each ride but I had three days last week clearing an orchard of its overgrown grass with a sickle. That was tiring.

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    That is an impressive amount of output, Garro. No wonder you're fried. Taking a few days off to lay in the sun sounds like a smart move. Cajun, that is truly amazing progress and encouraging to all of us to steadily do our best to keep pressing ahead.

    My weeks are such that I will ride the bike for 2 or 3 days. Then get the itch to fish, so that slows down the riding. Then have to travel for work. Before long 4 or 5 days go by with no riding and I'm back to square one. Which means being much weaker than I would like when on the bike. Fished last Friday. Saturday was tired and hurting. Drove 4 hours to northwest MT. Walked one mile. Worked on Sunday. Drove 4 hours home. Worked yesterday. Cut the grass (about a mile of walking), then rode the hybrid bike for 45 minutes in the dark. Some days the pain makes it really challenging to push. Here's picture from the river last Friday.

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    CCS/Walking Quad

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    According to what I've been reading on Facebook Mflounlacker moved to rehab on August 13. He is expecting to be there for 2 months. Here is what a friend typed on FB today for him: "Getting more movement. Legs and core felt better today. Still cannot use my arms or hands. Very fustrating. I do have movement and i will continue to work in pt and ot to keep improving. I am very incuraged by these improvements. This is going to be a tough fight but i am up for it. Thank you all the prayers and well wishes. I am being supported by my friends and family. Had 5 guys with my brother tonight. Highfives til next times."
    CCS/Walking Quad

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    Damn, that SUCKS for him, thank you for the update?..
    We had a stellar three day paddle, although it did flash flood.

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    Wow great photo- Steve - I wish I saw that flash flood…..
    Very sad for Floundacker - he must be heart broken.

    I am headed to Anchorage for 2 weeks of kayaking adventure. Mostly out of Seward. Hope to see whales, calving glaciers and calm waters in bays. We will do a sea taxi to the Fjord to the west of Seward. Maybe a few nights out camping. Otherwise in a rent a yurt somewhere in Seward. My buddy lives in Anchorage and is the planner. Be back with great adventures hopefully if my health just holds up.

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    Thanks for the updates on Mark, Revis. I passed along the link here to some folks on who have known Mark the past few years.

    Loved the picture from your trout fishing expeditions. Reminded me of "A River Runs Through It," although I've been told that real trout fisherman weren't crazy about that movie.

    I'm coming up on 3 years post injury. The progress you keep making Cajun is very encouraging. I'm still getting stronger. Some things are improving ever so slowly at this point, but still seem to be moving in the right direction. I'm keeping to my smorgasbord of activities: triking, yoga, weight training, water training, lots of stretching. I went kayaking for 3 hours on the James River near Jamestown last week with an AB friend. Actually felt pretty good; hope I can do more of that. Also, coincidentally, I have turned over 3,000 miles on the trike right around my 3 year anniversary.

    Been thinking about people who have been there for me through this whole process and have kept me going. This online community is definitely on the list.

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    If any of you are interested, I also have a long running blog:

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    I've been following this thread for years -- love looking at the pictures of the beautiful places you guys get to and love reading about your progress. I wish my son (C5 incomplete, 5 years post-injury) could add outdoor cycling of some kind to his workout programme. He can use an upper limb ergometer without assistance and has some motor function in his lower limbs -- more on the left than on the right. He does assisted walking a couple of hours a day (Kunming Walking Programme). Any advice on what kind of a bike he could use? I've seen "hybrid bike" mentioned in this thread. Thanks in advance.

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    For the record once you find a way to exercise that suits your abilities its the most wonderful thing in the world. My journey began to really hit its strap when my doc said I could be diabetic if I don't stop with sugar and up my workout plan.
    Well, a good year and a half in my doc reckons I look good, I've booted raw sugar right out of my diet and I am smashing out over 500 cals a day on my stationary handcycle...which puts me into massive bonus territory for my diet, which by degrees is getting healthier and healthier. My gut has shrunk noticeably and my shoulders are not round anymore, but broad and square again.

    All I need to do is cut back drinking to a stubby a week I reckon.
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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