Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjt8 View Post
    Back home from Flagstaff, great to meet up with Steve. We worked out together on some 12oz curls.

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    Great fun, thanks!!!
    You guys are welcome anytime, sorry for the shit-show with all the folks, that was nuts!
    Cruise down when we are down south in Camp Verde, lots of room - great woodwork, man - keep showing it here, please?.

    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post

    Steve Garro - see you in about a week and a half. Throw in a prayer for not much wind this next week while I am on Lake Powell.
    It's getting ready to snow in Flag any minute!
    Hope for good weather??
    Beautiful in AZ's Verde Valley right now.
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    Great to hear how everyone is doing.
    Cjt8 how big is that boat?
    Arndog and Steve, man you two rock, well if there is a lot of wind you rock a lot more. Have a great time, and Steve drink a beer for me will ya.

    Its been a fun week. 4 hand cycle rides for about a 100 miles and one trike ride for 3 miles in the last five days. Lot of exercise and a lot of socializing.

    Spring has sprung around here for sure. This is a small unincorporated town we ride through.

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    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    That's a super nice crib (boat), Cjt8. Nice craftsmanship. That's a lot of riding, flying. Looks like a nice area in which to ride. Still on the cool side up here in N. Id, but they are predicting some warm days next week.
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    Hey guys, Great to hear what everyone's up to; was getting a little worried about the thread. This thread has been a huge source of motivation and ideas for me, and I'm sure for many others. You guys are still hitting it hard and showing what can be done in spite of SCI induced limitations. Keep it coming.

    At the risk of being repetitive, I'm still keeping up with my routine. Today did an hour in the pool and a 40 minute walk. Yesterday had training session in the gym and rode the trike for an hour after work. The longer days and warmer temps are certainly welcome. 2 days ago went to my yoga class. I'm trying to maintain a constant variety of activity. I've incorporated a bunch of new stretches aimed at helping with my hip discomfort

    Have done some adjustments to my pedal stroke and the boom length of my trike to try to get around this hip pain I've been having. The ortho guy thinks it's tendonitis and not true joint degeneration. Still pretty uncomfortable, but I'll figure it out one way or the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan F View Post
    You guys are still hitting it hard and showing what can be done in spite of SCI induced limitations. Keep it coming.

    My "workouts" are allot easier on me then the 5-6 day metalwork job that funds them, for sure…...

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    We're leaving at the end of April for a month-long trip, and I have signed up for a sprint triathlon about a week after we get home, so I'm pushing to get some sort of training base in before we leave.

    An Achilles chapter has popped up in Colorado, and I went out on their first run organized in Boulder - lots of fun. CAF was here last month doing a swim clinic, which I also participated in. The Boulder Paralympic Club track program gets underway next Saturday. It feels like spring, finally!

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    I make a trip to Boise one weekend a month and swim with the AquAbility program down there.
    The pool is considered a competitive pool and they keep it quite cool in temperature to keep high level swimmers from overheating.
    I dont dare stop moving for very long during a practice or I feel like I am going to freeze solid. The hot tub is a welcome sight at the end of an hour!

    Pictured are a couple of the Veterans that swim with the program. They are not SCI but, we all have our hurdles to overcome.
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    I swam one and a half kilometres yesterday and did nearly three hours on the one off on some steep hills today - the first 45 minutes was dry(ish). The rest was bucketing down with rain but it was good to get out, even if I ended up just as wet today as I did after yesterday's swim.

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    30 miles in a charity bike race. That's the farthest I've ever ridden on a bike.
    c6/7 complete

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    Today walked 1/2 mile with shopping cart. Sometimes I need to stop and stand for 30 seconds. The cart helps me stand up straighter when I walk and I am more stable. Sometimes I go to Costco and walk with cart. Wife brings the power chair along in case I need to sit down. Would like to get away from needing it in there though. Name:  april 2013 470.jpg
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    Keep moving forward

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