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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Danine - I AM keeping count. ! ! !
    AlexA - that was outdoor standing nordic skiing. I am very tentative. My speed is 1.8 mph - slow and can only go on flats. I have an AFO on one foot so I can't bring it forward. It is more for psychological reasons that I am doing it than for exercise.
    fuente - I use protein powder both soy and whey. Ca/ Vit D/ Co Q/ high grade fish oil, and that is it. Just trying to eat cleanly too. Tough at this time a year.

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    I go to the pool for an hour everyday...not today! Closed for Snow Emergency! - Eyes are getting a workout watching down from my window - all the stuck cars manouvering the expressway. When will people realize that there is no such thing as "All Season Tires" in a snowbelt!

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    7th day - week totals

    Day 7 of posting
    60 min handcycle intervals [5min hard, 2 min rest] times 4 avg hr 133

    Totals for the week - 11 hours aerobic split between handcycle (upper body) stationary bike, elliptical trainer, and nordic skiing.

    Need to add strength training in there next week, more stretching and 'PT type' exercises that I need motivation to do.

    I was crutch walking but with the snow and ice, I am pretty much shut down for now....

    For those new to intervals, here is a graph of 4 five minute intervals with 2 min of rest between. When you do these, you want to leave nothing on the table for the efforts, they are all out. So I end up doing 20 minutes of quality work but psychologically it is easier with the 2 min. breaks.... try it, you'll like it !

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    I wheeled about 4 blocks in the snow to the grocery store and wheeled back. Took me about an hour, due to the snow being so deep here in WA. Dang, that burned up quite a bit of calories, pushing my chair with all my might through patches of snow that were not cleared off the sidewalk.

    Most of the time, though, I go to the Y and swim or work out in the weight room.

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    Fuente, paratrooper, alex, jessie and those who are doing something but not posting it - Nice. Feel the energy
    Today -
    1 hr stationary bike
    .5 hr elliptical
    45 min - PT type stuff, stretching, supermans, lateral leg raise theraband stretch - sort of boring but important to do.... I can do these in bed...

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    25 minutes on stationary recumbent (sp?) bike before overheating....

    Does anyone have any tricks for staying cool while exercising...I overheat very rapidly and very severely (I have MS-like issues). I'd like to add some non-pool-related aerobic activity, but have not been successful because of the overheating. Thanks.
    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    go to Target and buy a 10 dollar fan by Lasko..... A must for indoor exercising....

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    This thread has nice energy!
    I have been studying. I haven't been exercising.
    Now, the studying is over. I'm depressed.
    I will go find some weights and see what I can do.
    Thanks for the motivation!

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    Rich - we want a detailed report about lifting weights.....
    I got to do the same to follow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pararich View Post
    This thread has nice energy!
    I have been studying. I haven't been exercising.
    Now, the studying is over. I'm depressed.
    I will go find some weights and see what I can do.
    Thanks for the motivation!
    Start with bands. I use bands for my arm workout and they work really
    well. I used to think that they were only for people who've never lifted,
    but I was wrong. Even the bodybuilders use them at my gym.

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