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    Looked up your bike, it looks pretty cool, the way you can just put your feet on the ground when ever you like, without getting off the seat. Interesting design, great for are kind of injury's. Bet you will have a great time on it.

    And yes, just doing sitting and laying down leg work, for now. SCI is all about making constant adjustments, as we go on down the road of life.
    Trying to work the next piece of glut I'm getting back. Been atrophied for 16 months, now I know how a person coming out of a coma must feel.
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    Flying- arms are not made to do what we are asking them to do. Tendonitis of the shoulder, elbow tendonitis or epicondylitis can shut us down. You can't exercise through them especially if your age is greater than 40.
    So you have to back off. Tighten the diet more due to inactivity and catch up on all the non physical aspects of life till the shoulder heals. You can work the other arm though. I don't know how young/old you are, but at this point in my athletic trajectory, I have to save what I have for good times outside and not do reps in a gym. I am not 40 anymore. I am 55. This has been a hard transition to get into this mindset but I embrace it now.

    Enough rambling.... Hope it heals up soon.

    Truly- I am going to look into that bike you have. If I put on a massive lamb's wool retrostyle seat I should be okay to try it. Please let us know how it works and if it is fun - with video....

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    Arndog I hear you,about the arms. I can still work my legs from a bed or chair. And also ride a stationary bike. And yes I'm not so young anymore, at 57. I sure miss riding my hand cycle. But for know, healing up is number 1.
    How are your shoulders doing, with all your arm working you do?
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    Yep, I'm still lurking and reading what everyone is up to. Going back over the crutch walking info too but haven't quite made the jump from one cane to something more sensible (I can see the merit in either two canes or crutches for walking but its still my stupid head that gets in the way). Given the state of my spine I think it would be a good idea to even things up and unload it a little, at least for longer walks or getting our airports and the like but I find crutches a little cumbersome. Perhaps just two canes will do the trick - might test it out on my next dog walk. For those that do crutch walk with dogs, how do you manage leads when they have to be on the lead?

    On the bike front the training is going well. Today was a bit of a killer. 6, 5 min threshold efforts on the time-trial bike (so thats holding the max HR and power I can for 5 mins) with 5 mins recovery between each one. If that wasn't enough, and believe me that leaves my legs feeling like jelly, I then jumped into a 40km road race with 500m of climbing. Lasted longer than I thought before I was spat from the front bunch and time trialled home.

    Its getting pretty chilly here in the mornings, apparent temp of -8 yesterday when I rode down to gym at 6am. Brrrrrr, and not good for the feet, but we are heading over to Europe in a couple of weeks to do some races and have some training in the sunshine and warmth which will be nice.

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    About 10 miles of city walking in Seoul; dodged a bunch of riot police at one point.
    L2 incomplete with a pretty bad limp since 10/31/2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by live2ride View Post
    For those that do crutch walk with dogs, how do you manage leads when they have to be on the lead?
    I avoid walking the dog on crutches. But when I do, he's got a prong collar on to keep him from pulling, and he is heavily reinforced (treats) to stay near me. (Note that this is still a puppy, 8 months old). He walks on my left. I hold the leash in both hands along with the handgrips.

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    I use a nylon webbing leash with a a waist belt held by a fastex clip -

    This is a good example with retractability in the webbing.

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    It's as Easy as Riding a Bike Part 1

    I had my first experience on the new bike today. I got it onto the bike rack and strapped in by myself. It was hard but with some additional creativity, it'll soon be second nature.

    Then, we went to an abandoned grocery store parking lot to practice. I was so nervous and had no idea how to start. So, first, I practiced getting on and off the bike without holding onto anything. I can get on fine. Getting off is harder. Then, like a little kid on a riding toy, I started propelling myself with my feet and just coasting along. I practiced with the brakes. Then, with one foot on one pedal and the other pushing along on the ground, I did a little more distance. Got to the other side of the parking lot and just couldn't put both feet on the pedals at the same time. There's really no reason. Balance seems fine although bike seats don't feel like they used to. (What does?)

    So, I stood in the blistering sun with Spouse by my side, neither of us knowing what to do next. I had done an hour's hike before the bike test and could feel myself fading to zero. We walked back across the parking lot to the car, loaded up and came home.

    Naw, naw....not discouraged in the least. Obviously, this is a process like everything else and I'll be back at it tomorrow.

    Here's my list of what I need to accomplish. Reds are not done...greens are good to go:

    Attach and un-attach bike rack from the car
    Load and unload the bike
    Get on the bike unaided
    Get off the bike unaided
    Propel along, using two feet
    Propel along with one foot on a pedal

    Pedal that bike, dern it!
    Ride downhill
    Ride uphill

    Hmm...looks a little like Christmas.

    Today, two hikes for a total of 96 minutes. Wouldn't have taken the second hike except that the dog left her toy on the trail and we had to go back for it.

    In all, a good day, completely deserving of two cappuccinos and a small dish of ice cream. for walking the way with hiking poles. If I had to walk her on leash I'd use my walker. She's a big dog but very good and well-trained. Still, the sight of one squirrel and we'd both be in the next county.

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    Truly - you mention in the above post that your dog would knock you off your feet with hiking poles and that you would need your walker if you used a leash with a waist belt. I will contend that hiking poles and walkers are on either end of a continuum and that the solution is forearm crutches. They provide the stability to we (or us ?) unstable ambulaters and work on trails where a walker would not work. I never understood the hiking pole thing if you can use forearm crutches and be twice as fast, steady, and support fido when he gets the scent of a deer and you want to go North but he wants to go East.

    Just a thought....

    Today - crutch walk for 1 hr with wife and dog. Yesterday - the same plus first hand cycle ride of the year on the Force-R.

    Garro is somewhere deep in a gash in the earth's crust......

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    Truly Sounds like you need two big guys, one on each side of you, so you can feel comfortable with your feet on the pedals. That way, you know that you can't fall Seems like thats how to teach young children. Guess you could just think that your on your second childhood. Way to keep at it.

    Arndog that sounds like a lot of crutch walking. How did your first hand cycling go. Do you feel like your starting over, or are you still in good shape?

    I put my hand cycle on its trainer, so I can ride very gently for about 10 minutes. It seems like it is helping my shoulder get better, for some reason.
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