Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Who's that handsome guy with the bass? :-). Congratulations on your re-debut!

    I used to sing in that choir (well, in the Evensong choir).

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    Dan F- that's fantastic. Congratulations.

    i have been riding my bicycle almost every day, about ten hours a week lately, and the weird thing is I think that it is helping my clumsy left hand gain back a little touch sensation and loosen up the spasticity. I use road bars now, and I change positions often, using touch some to locate my hands. If I did the exercises that the OTs gave me for my hands, I couldn't do them for nearly the same amount of time.
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    Dan - That qualifies as a work out for sure.. Great job...

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    Very nice pictures, Arndog. Love that you were out there catching such beautiful scenery. Would have loved to be AB again and catch a windy day windsurfing Lake Tahoe. I caught a few good days here on Lake CdA before my injury, there is something really special about windsurfing in beautiful surroundings. Most windy places aren't very pretty. DanF, that is huge progress and I agree that it qualifies as a workout. Just putting a tie on my body is a workout. I avoid those as much as possible.

    Workouts: 1) 2.8 mile hike on Saturday with 500 foot elevation gain and 2) 4.45 mile hike on Sunday with 800 foot gain. Here are some pics:

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    Sorry about the size of these pictures. Next time I will resize them even smaller. It's hard to gauge dimensions.
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    Got in a 3hr ride that was super great but I forgot my camera!

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    revis - great photos especially that last diffuse lighting shot. Dan - do you have to sit higher than a standard chair to play bass or even stand? Juillard - whoa. Are you a chamber music fan by chance? If so, we have more than SCI in common. Steve - does Flagstaff have snow yet? We are mighty dry here still.

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    arndod - what kayak are you using and how do you transport your chair on the kayak

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    Loosecanon I use forearm crutches - which I strap to the deck. My buddy, Mark Wellman, paddles and camps but leaves his wheelchair behind at the put in. He just crawls out of the boat , and we are 'limited' to camping on a beach where we can just plop out of the boats onto a tarp and cook and hang out for the night. To do more you need to have AB friends willing to go and willing to help.

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    Thanks, arndog. My wife and I are exploring kayaking and would like to do do some island hoping. Based on your experience, is it possible to break down a chair and strap it to a kayak?

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