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Thread: For Sale - C2K Permobil Standing Power Chair

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    For Sale - C2K Permobil Standing Power Chair

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    What size is the seat

    on the power chair?

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    I have not measured the exact dimensions of the seat pan. My understranding was that the seat pan was one large size and that all the other adjustments were made to make the chair fit. Am I wrong? I will measure the exact size tomorrow and post another reply then, sorry.

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    The seat dimensions are:
    19 inches wide (side to side)
    21 inches deep (front to back)
    Thanks and let me know if you have any more questions.

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    i am intereseted in your chair if not sold already

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    Permobil stander

    I'm interested in purchasing the stander from you, if it's still available. I'll need to load it into a Dodge Caravan. How tall is it when lowered? Does the seat back fold down? My e-mail is: Thanks, Hal

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